Friday, December 21, 2007

21 december 1999 - Bangkok, Thailand

Some from the Silpakorn crew on a Christmas school market in Bangkok.

1682 (+) Pirate John Rackham aka Calico Jack, is born in Bristol, United Kingdom.
1875 (-) Murderer Henry Wainwright is executed by hanging in London, Newgate Prison, United Kingdom.
On the scaffold he shouted: “Come to see a man die, have you, you curs?”.
1906 (-) Murderer Henry Hose is executed by hanging at the age of 32 in Oregon, USA.
1911 (x) Bank messenger Ernest Caby is robbed and shot by 35-year-old Gangster Jules Bonnot and his gang in Paris, rue Orderer, France.
It is the first hold-up ever to make use of a getaway-car.
1917 (+) Writer Heinrich Böll is born in Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
1918 (+) Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Austria Kurt Waldheim is born in Vienna, Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Austria.
1935 (-) Writer Kurt Tucholski aka Kaspar Hauser aka Peter Panter aka Theobald Tiger, commits suicide by an overdose of sleeping-pills at the age of 45 in Hindas, Gothenburg, Germany.
1937 (+) Actress Jane Fonda is born in New York, New York, USA.
1940 (+) Composer Frank Zappa is born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
1940 (-) Writer Francis Fitzgerald dies of a heart attack at the age of 44 in Hollywood, California, USA.
He died in the apartment of his friend, Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham.
1941 (+) Triple murderer Alberto Ortiz is born in Arizona, USA.
1942 (-) Murderer Henry Boughton aka Sir Murder, commits suicide by drug-overdose in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
1945 (-) War leader George Patton aka Old Blood and Guts, dies of embolism at the age of 60 in Heidelberg, military hospital, Germany.
He had been thrown forward and smashed his head into a metal part when the Cadillac Model 75 he was sitting in crashed into a 2 1/2 ton military truck.
1951 (x) 119 Die in coal-mine explosion in West-Frankfurt, Illinois, USA.
1952 (+) Serial Killer Larry Eyler aka The Leather-Boy Killer, is born in Illinois, USA.
1954 (x) 31-year-old Murderer Sam Sheppard is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his pregnant wife Marilyn in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
1967 (+) Victim of Jeffrey Dahmer aka The Milwaukee Cannibal, David Thomas is born in the USA.
1967 (-) Heart-patient Louis Washkansky dies at the age of 55 in Cape Town, South Africa.
He was the first man who had a transplanted heart.
1977 (x) 37-year-old Serial Killer Patrick Kearney aka The Thrash Bag Killer, pleads guilty to three counts of murder and is sentenced to life imprisonment in Riverside, California, USA.
1978 (x) 36-year-old Serial Killer John Gacy aka The Killer Clown, is placed under arrest as a suspect in the abduction of Robert Piest in Chicago, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.
1987 (x) 1586 Die in Dona Paz passenger ferry and Vector oil tanker collision in Tablas Strait, the Philippines.
The ferry was overcrowded and probably over 4000 people died.
1988 (x) 270 Die in Pan Am Flight 103 Boeing 747-121 crash in Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom.
The plane was sabotaged by Libyan terrorists.

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