Monday, December 17, 2007

17 december 1999 - Bangkok, Thailand

Waiting with a monk on the pier for the last river-express boat in Bangkok.

1833 (-) Kaspar Hauser aka The Wild Child, dies at the age of 21 in Augsburg, Germany.
He was stabbed in the chest in the Hofgarten by an unidentified man three days earlier.
1877 (+) Chief executioner Jules-Henri Desfourneaux aka Monsieur de Paris, is born in Bar-le-Duc, France.
1909 (-) King of Belgium Leopold II Von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha dies of heart failure at the age of 74 in Brussels, Laeken, Brabant, Belgium.
1914 (+) Murderer Raymond Fernandez of the Lonely Hearts Killers couple, is born in Hawaï, USA.
1915 (-) Black Cordella Stevenson is abducted, raped and hung from a telephone-pole in Columbus, outside the Mobile & Ohio Railway Station, Missouri, USA.
Her body was left hanging for two days before someone took care of taking it down.
1923 (+) Director of the Dresdner bank, Jürgen Ponto is born in Hessen, Germany.
1942 (+) Musician and founder of ‘The Paul Butterfield Blues Band’ Paul Butterfield is born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1943 (+) Manson Family member Mary Brunner aka Marioche aka Mother Mary, is born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.
1947 (-) Criminologist Bernard Spilsbury commits suicide by gas poisoning at the age of 70 in London, Bloomsbury, University College, United Kingdom.
1953 (-) Kidnapper and Murderer Carl Hall is executed by the Gas Chamber in State Penitentiary, Missouri, USA.
1953 (-) Kidnapper and Murderess Bonnie Heady is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 41 in State Penitentiary, Missouri, USA.
1958 (x) 31-year-old Serial Killer Harvey Glatman aka The Pin-Up Killer, is sentenced to death in San Diego, California, USA.
1961 (x) 320 Die in circus fire in Niteroi, Brazil.
The fire was started by former employee Adilson Marcelino.
1963 (-) Murderer John Whitty is executed by hanging at the age of 22 in Winchester Prison, United Kingdom.
1963 (-) Murderer Russel Pascoe is executed by hanging at the age of 23 in Bristol Prison, United Kingdom.
1968 (x) 11-year-old Serial Killer Mary Bell aka Child of Hell, is sentenced to detention for life for the murder of two children in Newcastle, Moot Hall, United Kingdom.
Her accomplice Norma Bell is acquitted.
1978 (-) Jazz composer Don Ellis dies at the age of 44 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
He composed the soundtrack for the movie 'The Deadly Tower', about Charles Whitman.
1979 (x) 23-year-old Necrophile Karen Greenlee steals a mortuary hearse and drives off with the body of 31-year-old John Mercure in Sacramento Memorial Lawn Mortuary, California, USA.
She wanted to have sex with the body.
1989 (-) June Cicero is strangled and mutilated by Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers, at the age of 34 in Rochester, Salmon Creek, New York, USA.
2004 (-) Pop artist Tom Wesselman dies of heart failure at the age of 73 in New York, New York, USA.

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