Saturday, September 6, 2014

29th year - N° 249 Saturday, 6 September 2014

29th year - N° 249 Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September / Today's 3 Events:
43 years ago

Monday 6th of September 1971

40-year-old Mass murderer Clifford Bartholomew shoots 10 relatives in the head during a party in Hope Forest, Francis Road, Willunga, South Australia, Australia.

The victims were 40-year-old Heather Alice Bartholomew and her seven children, 19-year-old Neville Kenneth, 17-year-old Christine Heather, 15-year-old Sharon Anne, 13-year-old Helen Joy, 10-year-old Gregory Kym, 7-year-old Roger Clifford and 5-year-old Sandra Jane, and 23-year-old Winnie Mary Keane and her 2-year-old son Daniel Brian Sean.

40 years ago

Friday 6th of September 1974

Derek Astin is shot dead by multiple murderer Donald Neilson aka The Black Panther in Baxenden Post Office, 523 Manchester Road, Higher Baxenden, Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

35 years ago

Thursday 6th of September 1979

33-year-old Serial killer Peter William Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper mails his 'Streetcleaner'-poem to the Star newspaper in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Poor old Oldfield Worked in a coldfield Hobson has no choice Misled by a voice Release of drury Arouses fury Bradford was not me But just wait and see

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