Thursday, July 26, 2012

26 July 1984 - Ed Edward Theodore Gein Dies

1471 (-)  211th Pope Paul II originally Pietro Barbo, dies at the age of 54 in Rome, Italy.

1856 (+)   Writer George Bernard Shaw is born in Dublin, Ireland.

1875 (+)   Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung is born in Kesswil, Thurgau, Germany.

1891 (x)  38-year-old Mass murderer of his first wife and four children and second wife Frederick Bailey Deeming aka Albert Williams aka Baron Swanston, kills his wife Marie and four children 9-year-old Bertha, 7-year-old Marie, 5-year-old Sidney and 18-month-old Leala in Rainhill, Dinham Villa, Merseyside, United Kingdom.

1894 (+)   Writer Aldous Leonard Huxley is born in Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom.

1896 (+)   Actor Charles Butterworth is born in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

1908 (+)   President of Chile Salvador Isabelino Gossens Allende is born in ValparaIso, Chile.

1925 (-)  Logician Gottlob Friedrich Ludwig Frege dies at the age of 76 in Bad Kleinen, Germany.

1928 (+)   Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is born in the Bronx, New York, USA.

1931 (+)   Founder of Black Liberation group MOVE John Africa originally Vincent Leaphart, is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

1940 (-)  Double murderer Claude Edward Cline is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 46 in Oregon, USA.

1940 (+)   Mary Jo Kopechne is born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA.

1943 (+)   Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is born in Dartford, United Kingdom.

1952 (-)  Activist Eva Maria Duarte Peron aka Evita, dies of cancer at the age of 33 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1952 (-)  Joseph Brock is shot dead by Gerhard Puff at the age of 44 in New York, New York, USA.

1959 (-)  Manuela Knodt is strangled and butchered by Joachim Kroll aka The Ruhr Hunter, at the age of 16 in Bredeney, NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany.

1959 (+)   Serial killer Michael Bruce Ross aka The Roadside Strangler, is born in Putnam, Connecticut, USA.

1960 (-)  Murderer Georges Rapin aka Monsieur Bill, is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 23 in Paris, Prison de la Sante, France.

1964 (+)   Bankrobber and Cop Killer Vincent Edward Cooks is born in Texas, USA.

1965 (-)  Eleonora G. is attacked by Zdzislaw Marchwicki aka The Wampir, at the age of 38 in Lagisza, Poland.

1971 (-)  Photographer Diane Nemerov Arbus commits suicide by slashing her wrists at the age of 48 in New York, Greenwich Village, New York, USA.

1972 (-)  Lynn Derrick is presumably strangled by Zodiac in San Francisco, California, USA.

1974 (-)  Alice Curtis is robbed and choked to death by Paul Knowles aka Lester Daryl Gates aka Daryl Golden aka The Casanova Killer aka Killing Time, at the age of 65 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

1984 (-)  Serial Killer Ed Edward Theodore Gein aka Psycho, America’s Most Bizarre Murderer, dies of respiratory insufficiency at the age of 77 in Madison, Mendota Mental Health Institute, Wisconsin, USA.

1987 (-)  Egypt’s most famous writer Tawfiq El-Hakim dies at the age of 88 in Egypt.

1991 (+)   Mass Murderer Tim Kretschmer is born in Leutenbach, Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

2000 (-)  Double Murderer Orien Cecil Joiner is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2000 (-)  Murderer Juan Salvez Soria is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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