Wednesday, July 25, 2012

25 July 1967 - USS Forrestal Fire

1492 (-)  213th Pope Innocentus VIII originally Giovanni Battista Cybo, dies at the age of 60 in Rome, Italy.
On his deathbed he was given three blood transfusions from young boys, who also died.

1797 (x)  38-year-old Admiral Horatio Nelson loses his arm in the battle during a failed siege and conquest of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, Spain.

1894 (+)   Assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Gavrilo Princip aka The Teenager who Changed the World, is born in Obljaj, Yugoslavia.

1905 (+)   Writer Elias Canetti is born in Rutschuk, Bulgaria.

1909 (x)  37-year-old Aircraft pioneer Louis Blériot becomes the first man to fly from Calais, France to Dover in United Kingdom.

1926 (x)  29-year-old Serial Killer Marcel André Henri Felix Petiot aka The Triangular Chamber of Death Murderer, is elected as mayor in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, France.

1932 (-)  Writer Cyriel Cyrillus Gustave Emile Buysse dies at the age of 72 in Afsnee, Belgium.

1934 (-)  Chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss is shot dead by an SS-commando in an attempted Coup d'Etat to take over Austria at the age of 41 in Vienna, Austria.

1934 (+)   Jazz composer Don Ellis is born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
He composed the soundtrack for the movie 'The Deadly Tower', about Charles Whitman.

1941 (-)  Serial Killer Paul Ogorzow aka Der Schnell-Bahn Mörder, is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 28 in Berlin, Plötzensee, Germany.

1941 (+)   Black Emmett Louis Till aka Bobo, is born in Webb, Mississippi, USA.

1952 (+)   Murderer Harold McQueen is born in Kentucky, USA.

1959 (+)   Serial Killer Anatoly Onoprienko aka The Terminator, is born in Zhytomyr, Ukraïne, Russia.

1961 (-)  Murderer Samuel McLaughlin is executed by hanging at the age of 40 in Belfast, Ireland.

1967 (x)   134 Die in USS Forrestal aircraft carrier fire in Vietnam.

1969 (-)  Artist Otto Dix dies of a stroke at the age of 77 in Singen, Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

1970 (x)  Bomb attack by Radical Left Organisation the Weathermen on the United States Army Base in San Francisco, The Presidio, California, USA.
It was in remembrance of the 11th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

1973 (-)  Charles Cobble is tortured, strangled and shot dead by Dean Corll aka The Candyman, at the age of 17 in Houston, Texas, USA.

1975 (+)   The first test-tube baby Louise Joy Brown is born in Oldham General Hospital, United Kingdom.

1975 (-)  The oldest surviving Algonquin Indian, Paul Caesar dies at the age of 112 in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

1980 (x)  20-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV, performs "Untitled - 3" in Gent, Prinsenhof 03, East Flanders, Belgium.

1981 (-)  Sigrun is tortured and killed by Clifford Olsen aka The Vancouver Butcher, at the age of 18 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1982 (-)  Debra Bonner is strangled by The Green River Killer at the age of 23 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

1982 (-)  An unidentified boy is stabbed to death by Andrej Tsjikatilo aka The Rostow Ripper, in Rostow, Russia.

1986 (x)  32-year-old Serial Killer Bobby Joe Long aka Bound to Die, is sentenced to death for the Simms murder in Hillsborough County, Florida, USA.

2000 (x)   117 Die in Air France Flight 4590 Concorde crash in Gonesse, France.

2003 (-)  Filmmaker John Richard Schlesinger dies at the age of 77 in Palm Springs, California, USA.
He had been on a life-support system after a stroke in december 2000.

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