Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 1966 - Montgomery Clift Dies

1649 (+)   243rd Pope Clementius XI originally Giovanni Francesco Albani, is born in Urbino, Italy.

1757 (-)  Composer Domenico Giuseppe Scarlatti dies at the age of 71 in Madrid, Spain.

1775 (+)   Villain and later Chief Constable Eugène-François Vidocq is born in Arras, France.

1875 (-)  Inventor Isaac Merritt Singer dies of heart failure at the age of 63 in Pittstown, New York, USA.

1885 (-)  18th president of the USA Ulysses Simpson Hiram Grant dies of throat cancer at the age of 63 in Mount McGregor, New York, USA.

1888 (+)   Writer Raymond Thornton Chandler is born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1892 (+)   Emperor Haile Selassie originally Lij Tafari Makonnen Ge’ez aka The Lion of Juda, is born in Ejersa Goro, Harar, Ethiopia.

1900 (-)  Black Elijah Clark is lynched on the spot where he just raped 13-year-old Susan Priest in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

1905 (+)   Victim of Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, Heinrich Struß is born in Egestorf, Germany.

1928 (+)   Writer Hubert Jr. Selby is born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

1937 (-)  Jean De Koven is killed by Eugene Weidmann aka The Handsome Devil, at the age of 24 in Paris, France.

1942 (+)   Serial Killer Myra Hindley aka The Moors Murderess, is born in Manchester, Gorton, United Kingdom.

1943 (-)  Archibald Brown is blown to pieces by Eric Brown at the age of 47 in London, United Kingdom.
Eric places a Hawkins No 75 Grenade mine under Archibald’s wheelchair.

1948 (-)  Pioneer filmmaker David Wark Llewelyn Griffith dies of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 73 in Hollywood, California, USA.

1951 (-)  Marshall Philippe Henri Benoni Omer Joseph Pétain dies at the age of 95 in a prison on Ile d’Yeu, Vendé, France.

1954 (+)   Stripper, performance artist and sex educator Annie Sprinkle originally Ellen F. Steinberg, is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

1957 (+)   Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh is born in The Hague, the Netherlands.

1958 (-)  Ruth Mercado is abducted, assaulted and garotted by Harvey Glatman aka The Pin-Up Killer, at the age of 24 in Los Angeles, West Pico Boulevard, California, USA.

1958 (-)  Murderer Abraham Thomas is executed by hanging in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA.

1966 (-)  Actor Montgomery ‘Monty’ Clift dies of a heart attack due to an alcohol and drug overdose at the age of 45 in New York City, New York, USA.

1968 (-)  Norma Vaillancourt is strangled and her breasts chewed away by Wayne Boden aka The Vampire of Montreal, at the age of 21 in Montreal, Canada.

1969 (-)  Karen Beineman is sexually assaulted and beaten to death by Norman John Collins aka The Michigan Coed Killer, at the age of 18 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

1973 (+)   White House intern Monica Samille Lewinsky aka The Woman With Whom President Bill Clinton Did Not Have Sexual Relations, is born in San Francisco, California, USA.

1975 (x)  41-year-old Mass-murderer James Urban Ruppert has a review of his trial, his 11 life terms for shooting his entire family are reduced to 2 in Ohio, USA.

1975 (-)  Renée McGowan is strangled by a Yorkshire Ripper-copycat in Bradford, United Kingdom.

1979 (-)  Writer Joseph Kessel known for ‘Belle de Jour’, dies at the age of 81 in Avernes, Val d'Oise, France.

1981 (-)  Raymond King is tortured and killed by Clifford Olsen aka The Vancouver Butcher, at the age of 15 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

1989 (x)  26-year-old Serial Killer and cannibal Tsutomu Miyazaki aka The Little Girl Murderer, is arrested in Hachioji, Japan.

1997 (-)  Serial Killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan aka American Gigolo/American Psycho, commits suicide by a shot through the head at the age of 27 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
Since killing Fashion designer Gianni Versace, he had been hunted down by the FBI.

2002 (-)  Writer and Rabbi Chaim Herman Harold Potok dies of brain cancer at the age of 73 in Merion, Pennsylvania, USA.

2003 (-)  Murderer Cedric Lamont Ransom is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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