Friday, July 13, 2012

13 July 1986 - Brion Gysin Dies

100bc (+)   Emperor of Rome Julius Caesar is born in Rome, Italy.

939 (-)  126th Pope Leo VII dies in Rome, Italy.

1249 (x)  7-year-old King of Scotland Alexander III is crowned in Scone, Scotland, United Kingdom.

1527 (+)   Astronomer and occultist John Dee is born in London, England.

1590 (+)   239th Pope Clementius X originally Emilio Bonaventura Altieri, is born in Rome, Italy.

1793 (-)  Activist in the French Revolution Jean-Paul Marat is stabbed to death in his bath by 24-year-old Charlotte Corday at the age of 50 in Paris, France.
He spent most of the time of his last three years in his bath due to dermatitis herpetiformes.

1796 (x)   First public execution by the Guillotine in Brussels, Grand Place, Brabant, Belgium.

1807 (-)  Murderer Richard Faulkner is executed by hanging at the age of 15 in Norfolk, Whittlesea, United Kingdom.

1906 (-)  Murderer George W. Lauth is executed by hanging at the age of 26 in Oregon, USA.

1912 (-)  Beatrice Mundy aka Bessie, is drowned by George Joseph Smith aka The Brides in the Bath Murderer, at the age of 33 in Weymouth, Herne Bay, United Kingdom.

1934 (-)  Murderer George J. Shaughnessy is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 19 in State Prison, Florence, Arizona, USA.

1936 (x)  Start of the trial against 27-year-old Serial Killer and leader of the Sala Gang Sigvard Sven Emil Nilsson Thurneman aka The Doctor, and gang members Eric Hedström, Roland Abrahamsson, Herbert Jansson and Åke Lindberg in Västerås, Sweden.

1944 (+)   Inventor Erno Rubik is born in Budapest, Hungary.

1946 (+)   Actor Cheech Richard Marin from Cheech and Chong, is born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1949 (x)  73-year-old 260th Pope Pius XII declares all catholic communists excommunicated in Rome, Italy.

1951 (-)  Composer Arnold Franz Walter Schoenberg dies of heart failure at the age of 76 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
He had spent the whole day in bed suffering from triskaidekaphobia.

1954 (-)  Artist Frida Kahlo originally Frieda Kahlo y Calderón, dies of embolism at the age of 47 in The Blue House, Mexico City, Mexico.
She attempted suicide a couple of times, but no official autopsy was done. The last words in her diary were "I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return".

1955 (-)  Murderess Ruth Neilson Ellis is executed by hanging at the age of 28 in London, Holloway Prison, United Kingdom.
She was the last woman executed in the UK.

1961 (x)   81 Die in CSA Airlines Iljoesjin-18 crash in Casablanca, Morocco.

1964 (x)   20 die after eating poisoned ‘Kolyva’ bread at a funeral in Stylia, Greece.

1967 (-)  Cyclist Tom Simpson drops dead due to the lethal combination of drugs, exhaustion and heat in the Tour de France cyclist rally at the age of 29 in Mont Ventoux, Vaucluse, France.

1973 (-)  Nancy Gidley is presumably strangled by Zodiac in San Francisco, California, USA.

1976 (-)  SS-Oberst Joachim Peiper of the Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler , is shot dead and his house burned down by a terrorist group known as ‘Les Vengeurs’ at the age of 61 in Traves, Haute Saone, France.

1981 (-)  IRA-member Martin Edward Hurson originally Mairtin O hUrsain, dies of dehydration after 46 days of hungerstriking at the age of 24 in Belfast, Maze Prison, Ireland.
He was the sixth to die in the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike.

1981 (-)  Judy Kozma is tortured and killed by Clifford Olsen aka The Vancouver Butcher, at the age of 14 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

1984 (-)  Marlene Walters is beaten to death by Alton Coleman at the age of 44 in Norwood, Ohio, USA.
Her husband, Harry Walters, was beaten into a coma that left him with permanent brain damage.

1986 (-)  Designer of coke-bottles and greyhound-buses, Raymond Ferdinand Loewy dies at the age of 92 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

1986 (-)  Artist, writer and inventor of the cut-up technique, Brion Gysin dies of cancer of the large intestine at the age of 70 in Paris, France.

1998 (-)  Rapist and murderer Thomas Martin Thompson is executed by lethal injection at the age of 43 in San Quentin Prison, California, USA.

1999 (x)  39-year-old Serial Killer Angel Leoncio Reyes Maturino Reséndiz aka The Railway Killer, turns himself in to Immigration and Naturalization Services officials in El Paso, Texas, USA.
He was being hunted down by the FBI for over a month.

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