Thursday, July 5, 2007

5 july 2003 - Graz, Austria

The Club Moral in an exhibition by Hermann Nitsch at Galerie Kunst & Handel in Graz. We played at the Masomania Festival in the Neue Galerie.

1855 (+) Artist, writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau is born in Paris, Maisons Lafitte, France.
1893 (-) Minnie R. Williams is murdered by Herman Webster Mudgett aka The Torture Doctor, in Chicago, Holmes Castle, Illinois, USA.
1911 (+) Prime minister of the French Republic Georges Pompidou is born in Montboudif, France.
1922 (-) Serial Killer and Cannibal Carl Grossmann commits suicide by hanging in his prison cell at the age of 59 in Berlin, Germany.
1924 (x) During a search for victims of 44-year-old Serial Killer Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, over 500 bones and pieces of skull are found between the Bruckmuhle and the Leinebrücke in Hannover, Germany.
1939 (x) Frank Dolezal is arrested on suspicion of being the Mad Butcher of Cleveland in Cuyahoga, USA.
1948 (-) Actress Carole Landis originally Frances Lillian Mary Ridste, commits suicide by an overdose of Seconal at the age of 29 in Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, California, USA.
1954 (x) 19-year-old Musician Elvis Presley aka The King, records his first commercial single "That's Allright Mama" in Memphis, Sun Records, Tennessee, USA.
It was released 2 weeks later and generally considered as the birth of Rock'n'Roll.
1969 (-) Architect of the Bauhaus Walter Gropius dies at the age of 86 in Boston, Massachussets, USA.
1969 (-) Michael Mageau is attacked and shot by Zodiac in Vellejo, Columbia Parkway, California, USA.
He survived.
1970 (x) 108 Die in Air Canada Flight 621 DC-8 crash in Toronto, International Airport, Canada.
1972 (x) 30 psychiatric patients Die in an asylum fire in Sherbourne, United Kingdom.
1975 (-) Anna Rogulsky is attacked by Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, at the age of 32 in Keighley, United Kingdom.
She survived.
1975 (-) Mary Thill is abducted and shot dead by Robert Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter, at the age of 23 in Anchorage, Seward, Alaska, USA.
1976 (x) 32-year-old Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj aka Bad Blood, is arrested whilst drugging and robbing 60 French students in Delhi, Vikram Hotel, India.
1977 (x) Start of the trial against 33-year-old Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj aka Bad Blood, and his accomplices Marie-Andrée Leclerc, Jean Dhuisme, Mary-Ellen Eather and Barbara Sheryl Smith in Old Delhi, Tishasari Court, India.
1977 (-) Matthew Bowman is murdered by John Gacy aka The Killer Clown, at the age of 19 in Chicago, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.
1985 (-) Whitney Bennet is attacked with a crowbar by Richard Ramirez aka The Nightstalker, at the age of 16 in Los Angeles, Arcadia, California, USA.
1996 (+) The first succesfully cloned sheep Dolly is born in Edinburgh, Roslin Institute, Scotland, United Kingdom.
The birth was only announced in february 1997.
2001 (-) Falun Gong member Yulian Chi dies of hunger strike and extreme torture at the Dalian Yaojia Detention Center at the age of 44 in Xinshiji Hospital, Dalian, China.

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