Monday, July 30, 2007

30 july 2003 - Singapore

A Buddha statue in a temple in Singapore.

1818 (+) Writer Emily Bronte is born in Thornton, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
1858 (-) Murderer James Kelly is executed by hanging at the age of 44 in New York, USA.
1863 (+) Automobile manufacterer Henry Ford is born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
1898 (+) Artist Henry Moore is born in Castleford, Yorks, United Kingdom.
1915 (-) Racketeer and murderer Charles Becker is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 45 in New York, Sing Sing prison, New York, USA.
1929 (-) Emma Gross is strangled by Peter Kürten aka The Düsseldorfer Monster aka The Vampire of Düsseldorf, at the age of 35 in Düsseldorf, NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany.
1937 (-) Womanizer and reverend Harold Davidson aka The Prostitutes’ Padre, dies of a broken neck at the age of 62 in Skegness, Cottage Hospital, United Kingdom.
He was attacked by a lion while acting as a modern ‘Daniël in the Lion’s Den’ two days before.
1939 (+) Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich is born in Kingston, New Jersey, USA.
1941 (+) Musician Paul Anka is born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
1947 (+) Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is born in Graz, Austria.
1960 (x) Serial Rapist Ted Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, assaults an unidentified 8-year-old boy in La Blinerie, Jersey.
1967 (-) Industrialist Alfried Krupp dies of a heart-attack at the age of 60 in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
1969 (x) Serial Killer Zodiac writes a 3-part cipher and letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner and Vallejo Times-Herald newspapers in California, USA.
1969 (x) Serial Killer Norman John Collins aka The Michigan Coed Killer, is arrested in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
1971 (x) 22-year-old Sergeant Josjima Itsjikawa kills 162 people by hitting an All Nippon Boeing 727 with his Sabre Jet in Morioka, Japan.
He escaped by using his ejector-seat.
1975 (x) 62-year-old Union-leader Jimmy Hoffa is abducted from a parking lot and never seen again in Bloomfield Hills, Machus Red Fox restaurant, Michigan, USA.
1977 (-) Director of the Dresdner bank, Jürgen Ponto is shot dead by the Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe Rote Armee Fraktion at the age of 53 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.
The action was taken by Brigitte Mohnhaupt and Susanne Albrecht.
1978 (x) 29-year-old Spree Killer Randy Greenawalt and Gary Tison escape from prison with the help of Tison's three sons and go on a killing spree that left six dead in Arizona, USA.
1981 (-) Louise Chartrand is tortured and killed by Clifford Olsen aka The Vancouver Butcher, at the age of 17 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.
1985 (-) Minister of science, technology and energy, Damrong Lathapipat commits suicide by a shot through the head at the age of 52 in Thailand.
1993 (-) Murderer Danny Harris is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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