Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 july 2004 - Aachen, Germany

The audience warming up for our "How Reliable is the Brain?" gig as Club Moral (AMVK, DDV & Mauro) in Club Zero in Aachen.

138 (-) Roman Emperor Publius Hadrianus dies at the age of 62 in Balae, Italy.
1584 (-) Prince and Count of Nassau Willem Van Oranje aka Willem De Zwijger, is assassinated by Bathasar Gérard at the age of 51 in Delft, the Netherlands.
It was the first assassination by use of a handgun.
1856 (x) Engineer Nikola Tesla aka The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century is born in Smiljan, Austria.
1871 (+) Writer Marcel Proust is born in Paris, Auteuil, France.
1888 (+) Artist Giorgio De Chirico is born in Volos, Greece.
1895 (+) Composer Carl Orff is born in München, Germany.
1919 (-) Murderer Henry Perry is executed by hanging in London, United Kingdom.
1925 (x) 31-year-old Guru Meher Baba originally Merwan Sheriar Irani aka The Silent Avatar, decides to keep silent for the rest of his life.
He communicated with an alphabet board until his death in in 1969.
1936 (-) Murderer John Ransom is executed by hanging at the age of 26 in State Prison, Florence, Arizona, USA.
1947 (+) Musician Arlo Guthrie is born in New York, New York, USA.
1962 (-) Writer and philosopher Georges Bataille dies at the age of 64 in Paris, France.
1962 (x) The Telstar satellite is shot into space in Houston, Cape Canaveral, Texas, USA.
1967 (-) Mary Fleszar is sexually assaulted, stabbed to death and her hands and feet cut off by Norman John Collins aka The Michigan Coed Killer, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
1970 (x) 30-year-old Serial Killer Mike Debarbeleben aka The Lethal Shadow, marries 18-year-old Caryn in Silver Springs, Maryland, USA.
1971 (x) Serial Rapist Ted Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, is arrested in St. Helier, Jersey.
1973 (x) 16-year-old Playboy John Paul Getty III is kidnapped in Rome, Italy.
1976 (x) Due to an explosion in the ICMESA-factory, a highly poisonous cloud of Dioxine TCDD escapes in Seveso, Italy.
1977 (-) Maureen Long is attacked by Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, in Bradford, Bowling Black Lane, United Kingdom.
She survived.
1979 (x) Serial Killer David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, is attacked with a razor, almost cutting his throat, by an unidentified fellow-inmate in New York, Attica Prison, New York, USA.
1982 (-) Elsbet Warnecke is attacked and raped by Thomas Rath aka The Devil’s Moor Murderer, at the age of 18 in Bremen, Germany.
1986 (-) Miss Hungary Csilla Molnar commits suicide by an overdose of Lidocaine sleeping-pills at the age of 17 in Fonyod, Lake Balaton, Hungary.
1992 (-) British Chief Executioner Albert Pierrepoint dies at the age of 87 in Southport, United Kingdom.
1997 (x) 52-year-old Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers, marries his long time sweetheart Clara Neal in the visiting room in Fallsburg, Sullivan Correctional Institute, New York, USA.
According to the institution's policy, the newlyweds will be able to enjoy conjugal visits. Shawcross used Neal's car to pick up, have sex with, and then kill his victims.

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