Tuesday, July 31, 2007

31 july 2003 - Singapore

The Policemen of the Hell in a Chinese temple in Singapore. These two statues stood in the oldest temple in Singapore for years, until it was 'redecorated' into Disney-style. The statues are made of wood, have real hair and people used to offer them money, or smear opium on their beard to bribe them and get less beating when they would go to hell. Now they stand in some small shrine where taking pictures is not allowed.

1556 (-) Jezuït Ignatius De Loyola dies of chronic stomach ailments at the age of 64 in Rome, Italy.
1831 (+) Theosophist Madame Blavatsky originally Helene Petrovna Hahn, is born in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine.
1886 (-) Composer Franz Liszt dies of pneumonia at the age of 74 in Bayreuth, Austria.
1901 (+) Artist and Art Brut-pioneer Jean Dubuffet is born in Le Havre, France.
1914 (-) Socialist leader Jean Jaurès is shot dead by extremist Robert Villain at the age of 54 in Paris, Montmartre, café Le Croissant, France.
1914 (+) Actor and filmmaker Louis De Funès aka FuFu, is born in Courbevoie, France.
1943 (-) Murderess Marie Louise Giraud is executed by the Guillotine in Paris, France.
She was convicted of performing 26 illegal abortions and the last woman executed in France.
1944 (+) Actress Geraldine Chaplin is born in Santa Monica, California, USA.
1944 (-) Writer and pilot Marie Antoine De Saint-Exupéry is lost without a trace at the age of 44 in Corsica, France.
1949 (-) Laura Showalter is bludgeoned to death by Harvey Louis Carignan aka The Want-Ad Killer, at the age of 57 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
1966 (-) Mrs Whitman is stabbed to death by Charles Whitman aka The Man on the Tower, in Austin, Texas, USA.
1968 (-) Brian Howe is mutilated and strangled by Mary Bell aka Child of Hell, at the age of 3 in Newcastle, Tin Lizzie wasteland, United Kingdom.
1969 (-) Gary Hinman is stabbed to death by The Manson Family at the age of 34 in California, USA.
1973 (x) 89 Die in Delta Air Lines jetliner crash in Boston, Logan Airport, Massachussets, USA.
1975 (-) John Butkovitch is strangled by John Gacy aka The Killer Clown, at the age of 17 in Chicago, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.
1977 (-) Stacy Moskowitz is shot by David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
In the same evenet Robert Violante was also shot, he survived but remained blind.
1979 (x) 32-year-old Serial Killer Ted Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, is sentenced to death in Miami, Florida, USA.
1981 (x) 32-year-old Serial Rapist Frederick ‘Kevin’ Coe aka The Spokane Rapist, is sentenced to life imprisonment in Spokane, Washington, USA.
1982 (x) 44 yougsters Die in autobus collision and fire in Beaune, France.
1992 (x) 113 Die in Thai Airways International Airbus 310-300 crash in Ghyangphedi, Nepal.
1993 (-) King of Belgium Boudewijn I originally Boudewijn Albert Charles Leopold Axel Marie Gustave Von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha, dies of heart-failure at the age of 62 in Motril, Villa Astrid, Andalusia, Spain.

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