Monday, May 18, 2015

30th year - N° 138 Monday, 18 May 2015

30th year - N° 138 Monday, 18 May 2015

18 May / Today's 9 Events:
134 years ago

Wednesday 18th of May 1881

Architect Walter Adolph Georg Gropius known for founding the Bauhaus School is born in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

88 years ago

Wednesday 18th of May 1927

Serial killer Harvey Louis Carignan aka The Want-Ad Killer aka Harv the Hammer is born in Fargo, North Dakota, United States.

79 years ago She Couldn't Take His Body with Her

Monday 18th of May 1936

31-year-old Geisha, prostitute, actress and murderess Sada Abe strangles her lover Kichizo Ishida and cuts off his penis and testicles in Ogu, Tokyo, Kantō, Japan.

"Because I couldn't take his head or body with me. I wanted to take the part of him that brought back to me the most vivid memories."

73 years ago

Monday 18th of May 1942

Gladys Hosking is strangled by serial killer Edward Leonski aka The Singing Strangler in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

62 years ago

Monday 18th of May 1953

The body of Beryl Evans is exhumed to establish wether 54-year-old Serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie aka The Strangler of 10 Rillington Place had indeed murdered her, in Gunnersbury Cemetery, 143 Gunnersbury Avenue, Acton, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

55 years ago He Was Mummy's Boy

Wednesday 18th of May 1960

Spree killer and mass murderer Michael Robert Ryan aka The Rambo Killer is born in Savernake Hospital, Marlborough, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

46 years ago

Sunday 18th of May 1969

Triple murderer Sean Richard Sellers aka The Schoolboy Night Stalker aka The Night Roomer is born in Corcoran, California, United States.

35 years ago

Sunday 18th of May 1980

Musician Ian Kevin Curtis known from Joy Division commits suicide by hanging at the age of 23 in 77 Barton Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Curtis had just viewed Werner Herzog's film 'Stroszek' and listened to Iggy Pop's album 'The Idiot'.

8 years ago The Eyes had it

Friday 18th of May 2007

An easy step for dogs in a shop window while scoring all kinds of useful artefacts for a performance in Kulttuuritalo Annis, Annankatu 6, Pori, Satakunta, Finland.

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