Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 November 1981 - Lotte Lenya originally Karoline Wilhelmine Blamauer Dies

1701 (+)   Astronomer Anders Celsius is born in Uppsala, Sweden.

1750 (-)  Traitor Thomas Reynolds is executed by hanging in London, Tyburn Tree, United Kingdom.

1821 (-)  Robber Andrew Ferris is executed by hanging in London, Old Bailey, United Kingdom.

1821 (-)  Forger Joseph Smith is executed by hanging in London, Old Bailey, United Kingdom.

1843 (+)   Victim of Jack the Ripper, Elisabeth Stride-Gustaafsdochter aka Long Liz, is born in Göteborg, Sweden.

1877 (-)  Murderer James Satchell is executed by hanging in Leicester, United Kingdom.

1877 (-)  Murderer John William Swift is executed by hanging in Leicester, United Kingdom.

1877 (-)  Murderer John Upton is executed by hanging in Leicester, United Kingdom.

1894 (-)  Wife-Murderer James Wilshaw Whitehead is executed by hanging in Manchester, Strangeways Prison, United Kingdom.

1897 (+)   Mafia Leader Vito Genovese aka Don Vito, is born in Naples, Italy.

1901 (-)  Automobile Pioneer Clement Studebaker dies of natural causes at the age of 70 in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

1906 (-)  Wife-Murderer Edward Hartigan is executed by hanging at the age of 58 in Knutsford Gaol, United Kingdom.

1929 (-)  An unidentified man is burned to death by Kurt Tetzner aka The Murderer Who Died Twice, in Ettershausen, Germany.

1932 (+)   Opposition-leader Benigno “Ninoy” Simeon Aquino is born in Concepcion, the Fillipines.

1934 (-)  Gangster George Nelson originally Lester Joseph Gillis aka Baby Face, is shot dead by FBI gunmen at the age of 25 in Barrington, Illinois, USA.
FBI agents Herman Hollis and Samuel P. Cowley also die in the shootout.

1940 (+)   Actor, filmmaker and King of Kung Fu Bruce Lee Siu Loong originally Lee Yuen Kam, aka The Little Dragon, is born in San Francisco, California, USA.

1942 (+)   Musician Jimi Johnny Allen Hendrix is born in Seattle, Washington, USA.

1955 (-)  Composer Arthur Oscar Honegger dies of a heart attack at the age of 63 in Paris, France.

1962 (x)   97 Die in Varig Boeing 707 crash in Lima, Peru.

1970 (x)  73-year-old 262nd Pope Paul VI originally Giovanni Battista Montini, is attacked with a knife by artist Mendoza in Manila, the Fillipines.

1975 (-)  Hakim Vitali aka Ved, is drugged, tortured, his neck broken, doused with petrol and set on fire by Charles Sobhraj aka Bad Blood, in Pattaya Beach, Thailand.
1978 (-)  Public supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Bernard Milk and Mayor George Moscone are assassinated by their colleage Dan White at the age of 48 in San Francisco, City Hall offices, California, USA.

1980 (-)  Darci Fix is shot dead by Randy Woodfield aka The I-5 Killer, in Portland, Oregon, USA.

1980 (x)  Unemployed teacher and 50-year-old Mass murderess Priscilla Joyce Ford drives her blue Lincoln Continental down a crowded downtown sidewalk, trying to kill as many people as possible. in Reno, Virginia Street, Nevada, USA.
She killed seven and injured 23.

1981 (-)  Actress Lotte Lenya originally Karoline Wilhelmine Blamauer, dies of cancer at the age of 83 in New York, New York, USA.

1983 (x)   181 Die in Avianca Boeing 747 crash in Madrid, Spain.

1987 (-)  Geneviève Germond is tortured and killed as eighteenth victim by Thierry Paulin aka Le Tueur de la Pleine Lune, at the age of 83 in Paris 10th, 22 rue Cail, France.

1989 (x)   107 Die in Avianca Boeing 727 crash in Bogota, Colombia.
The plane was blown up by drug-traffickers.

1989 (-)  Elisabeth Gibson is is found suffocated by Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers aka The Genesee River Killer, in Rochester, New York, USA.

1994 (x)   233 Die in dance hall fire in Tuxan, China.

2007 (x)  68-year-old Serial Killer Nicolas Panard is arrested on suspicion of 18 murders in the past 20 years in Mulhouse, Avenue Aristide Briand, 36, Alsace, France.

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