Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 November 1968 - Ed Edward Theodore Gein is Found Guilty

1716 (-)  Mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz dies at the age of 70 in Hannover, Germany.

1831 (-)  Philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel dies of cholera at the age of 61 in Berlin, Germany.

1840 (+)   Artist Claude Oscar Monet is born in Paris, Rue Lafitte, France.

1863 (+)   Inventor of Bakelite Leo Hendrik Baekeland is born in Gent, East Flanders, Belgium.

1864 (-)  Murderer Franz Muller is executed by hanging at the age of 25 in Germany.

1877 (-)  Clement Swanenburg is poisoned by Maria Swanenburg aka Goeie Mie, at the age of 3 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

1900 (+)   Composer Aaron Copland is born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

1908 (+)   Politician and Communist-hunter Joseph Raymond McCarthy is born in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

1908 (+)   Serial Killer and leader of the Sala Gang Sigvard Sven Emil Nilsson Thurneman aka The Doctor, is born in Sala, Sweden.

1913 (-)  Murderer Oswald C. Hansel is executed by hanging at the age of 48 in Oregon, USA.

1927 (x)  30-year-old Serial Killer Earle Leonard Nelson aka The Gorilla Murderer, is arrested in Killarney, Canada.

1929 (-)  Wolfchild Kamala dies of a kidney infection at the age of 17.

1930 (+)   President Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga Mobutu originally Joseph Desiré, is born in Lisala, Zaïre.

1930 (-)  Sven Eriksson is shot dead and thrown in a frozen lake by Sigvard Thurneman aka The Doctor, at the age of 40 in Västerås, Sweden.

1945 (x)   Start of the trial against the Nazi-Leaders in Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany.

1946 (-)  Composer Manuel De Falla dies at the age of 70 in Alta Gracia, Argentina.

1948 (+)   Prince of Wales Philip Arthur George Charles is born in London, Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom.

1960 (-)  Mass murderer Robin Cook is executed by hanging at the age of 22 in Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre, Canada.
He killed his parents and 5 brothers and sisters.

1960 (x)   110 Die in train collision in Pardubice, Czechoslowakia.

1966 (x)  15-year-old Serial Killer Gustaaf Wilfried André Van Eyken aka De Vampier van Muizen, escapes from the Rosendael reformatory and assaults and rapes an unidentified woman in Rijmenam, Brabant, Belgium.

1968 (x)  62-year-old Serial Killer Ed Edward Theodore Gein aka Psycho, America’s Most Bizarre Murderer, is found guilty of First Degree Murder in Wautoma, Wisconsin, USA.

1980 (x)  21-year-old Michel Strée and his brothers Mark and Frank-Roger hi-jack a schoolbus and demand a national TV-broadcast and a discussion with the King about common injustice. in Brussels, Brabant, Belgium.
In the TV-studio they are raided by a special police task-force.

1987 (-)  War criminal and art collector Pieter Nicolaas Menten dies at the age of 88 in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands.

1990 (-)  Spree Killer David Malcolm Gray is shot dead by the Special Tactics Group after shooting 13 people to death at the age of 34 in Aramoana, New Zealand.

1997 (x)  33-year-old Serial Killer Hubert Geralds aka The Englewood Rapist, is sentenced to death for the rape-murders of 6 women in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
He dumped their bodies in the trash near his house.

1997 (x)  35-year-old Serial Killer Daniel J. Blank is arrested and charged with 6 murders in Onalaska, Texas, USA.

2001 (-)  Murderer Jeffery Eugene Tucker is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2003 (-)  Murderer John Dennis Daniels is executed by lethal injection at the age of 46 in Raleigh State Prison, North Carolina, USA.

2004 (-)  Composer Michel Colombier aka Fusion-Sama, dies of cancer at the age of 65 in Santa Monica, California, USA.

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