Monday, November 12, 2012

12 November 1981 - William Holden originally William Beedle Dies

954 (x)  32-year-old King Lotharius IV is crowned in France.

1833 (+)   Composer Alexander Porphiriewitsch Borodin is born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

1840 (+)   Artist Auguste François Rodin is born in Paris, France.

1866 (+)   Revolutionary Leader Yat-sen Sun aka Sun Zhongshan aka Sun Deming, is born in Cuiheng, Guangdong, China.

1909 (-)  Murderer James Finch is executed by hanging at the age of 39 in Oregon, USA.

1915 (+)   Literary critic Roland Barthes is born in Cherbourg, Normandy, France.

1928 (x)   110 Die in Vestris ocean liner shipwreck in Virginia Capes,

1929 (+)   Actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Patricia Kelly is born in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA.

1934 (+)   Family leader Charles Miles Manson is born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
To unwed Kathleen Maddox.

1944 (+)   Double murderer Henry L. Hunt is born in North Carolina, USA.

1945 (+)   Musician Neil Young is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1946 (-)  Murderer Arthur Boyce is executed by hanging in the United Kingdom.

1956 (+)   Victim of Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, Jean Bernadette Ryle Jordan is born in Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom.

1966 (x)  18-year-old Mass Murderer Robert Benjamin Smith walks into a beauty parlour and kills 5 women and 2 children in Mesa, Arizona, USA.
He wanted to get himself a name.

1972 (x)  26-year-old Performance artist Chris Burden performs "Deadman" outside Riko Mizuno Gallery in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1977 (-)  Rote Armee Fraktion member Ingrid Schubert commits suicide by hanging at the age of 33 in München, Stadelheim Prison, Bavaria, Germany.

1978 (-)  An unidentified woman dies of spontaneous human combustion at the age of 42 in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

1981 (-)  Actor William Holden originally William Beedle, dies at the age of 63 in Santa Monica, California, USA.
He fell onto a table intoxicated, gashed his head and bled to death. His body was found four days later.

1984 (-)  Paule Victor is tortured and killed as eighth victim by Thierry Paulin aka Le Tueur de la Pleine Lune, at the age of 77 in Paris 11th, 8 rue Jacques Keller, France.

1986 (-)  Governor of East-Prussia and War criminal Erich Koch dies at the age of 90 in Warsaw Prison, Poland.

1991 (-)  Murderer Joe Angel Cordova is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas, USA.

1996 (x)   349 Die in Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-168B Flight 763 and Air Kazakhstan Ilyushin II-76 Flight 1907 collision in Charkhi Dadri, India.

1997 (x)  35-year-old Serial Killer Louis James Peoples is arrested and charged with shooting four people to death in Stockton, California, USA.

1999 (-)  Kidnapper and murderer Leroy J. Drayton is executed by lethal injection at the age of 44 in South Carolina, USA.

2001 (x)   265 Die in American Airlines Airbus A300-600 Flight 587 crash in Queens, New York, USA.

2007 (-)  Writer Ira Levin dies of a heart attack at the age of 78 in New York, Manhattan, New York, USA.

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