Friday, August 3, 2012

3 August 1966 - Lenny Bruce originally Leonard Alfred Schneider Dies

1492 (x)  41-year-old Explorer Christoffel Columbus sails off on the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina on his way to discover America in Palos, Spain.

1901 (+)   Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski aka The Primate of the Millennium, is born in Zuzela, Poland.

1914 (x)   Germany declares war to France.

1924 (+)   Writer Leon Uris is born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

1924 (-)  Writer Joseph Conrad originally Teodor Jozef Konrad Nalecz-Korzeniowski, dies of a heart attack at the age of 66 in Bishopsbourne, Kent, United Kingdom.

1929 (-)  Inventor and founder of the Berliner Gramophone Company Emil Berliner dies of a heart attack at the age of 78 in Washington, District Columbia, USA.

1936 (x)  22-year-old Olympic legend Jesse James Cleveland Owens wins the 100 meters race at the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany.

1939 (-)  Murderer Arthur Perry is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 29 in New York, Sing Sing prison, New York, USA.

1940 (+)   Actor Martin Sheen originally Ramon Estevez, is born in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

1950 (x)  The house of 52-year-old Serial Killer John Reginald Christie of 10 Rillington Place, is sold to Mr. Charles Brown, a Jamaican who wanted to turn it into a lodging house for fellow-countrymen. in London, United Kingdom.
Unknown to Mr. Brown there are 7 bodies hidden in the house and backyard.

1961 (x)   Leonard Bearden and his 16-year-old son Cody are the first men ever to sky-jack a Continental Airlines Boeing 707 to Cuba.

1962 (-)  Mary Martin dies of spontaneous human combustion at the age of 74 in Lockland, Ohio, USA.

1964 (x)  Serial Rapist Ted Edward John Louis Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, assaults an unidentified mentally retarded boy in Grouville, Jersey.

1966 (-)  Comedian Lenny Bruce originally Leonard Alfred Schneider dies of a morphine overdose at the age of 40 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1973 (x)   Over 500 Die in ferry collision in Kanton, Hsi Chiang River, China.

1973 (-)  James Dreymala is tortured and strangled by Dean Corll aka The Candyman, at the age of 14 in Houston, the Heights, Texas, USA.

1974 (-)  Lee Thomas is found strangled by Randy Kraft aka The Freeway Killer, at the age of 25 in Long Beach Harbour Oilfield, California, USA.

1975 (x)   188 Die in Boeing 707 crash in Agadir, Morocco.

1976 (x)  Serial Killer Rudi Paul Zimmerman tries to commit suicide in prison in Wuppertal, Germany.
He was suspected of 90 murders in hospitals and homes for the elderly.

1977 (-)  President and archbishop of Cyprus Makarios III originally Mihalis Christodoulou Mouskos, dies of a heart attack at the age of 64 in Nicosia, Greece.

1979 (-)  An unidentified woman is presumably attacked by Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, at the age of 21 in Derby, United Kingdom.

1989 (x)  44-year-old Serial Killer Randy Stephen Kraft aka The Freeway Killer, is sentenced to death in Orange County, West County Municipal Courts Building, California, USA.

1991 (x)   83 children Die in school bus collision in Zimbabwe.
It crashed into a ravine.

1994 (x)  The Serial Killer N.Y. Zodiac Murderer sends a letter to the New York Post, claiming the lives of 4 victims in New York, New York, USA.

2004 (-)  Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson dies at the age of 96 in Céreste, France.

2006 (-)  Murderer William Jr. Wyatt is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2007 (x)   118 Die in K-141 Kursk nuclear cruise missile submarine explosion in the Barents Sea.
Some of the crew survived at least for several days while the ship lay 108m deep.

2008 (-)  Writer Alexander Isaewitsch Solzhenitsyn dies of heart failure at the age of 89 in Moscow, Russia.

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