Friday, August 17, 2012

17 August 1987 - Rudolf Walter Richard Hess Commits Suicide

1786 (+)   Folk Hero David “Davy” Crockett is born in Greene County, Tennessee, USA.

1879 (+)   Film producer Samuel Goldwyn originally Szmuel Gelbfisz, is born in Warsaw, Poland.

1893 (+)   Actress Mae Mary Jane West is born in Woodhaven, New York, USA.

1896 (-)  Bridget Driscoll becomes the world's first automobile fatality when she steps in front of a car outside the Crystal Palace and dies at the age of 44 in London, United Kingdom.
At the coroner's inquest, driver Arthur Edsall stated that he had been driving at only 4 mph and that when he saw the pedestrian he rang his bell and shouted "Stand back!".

1909 (-)  Murderer Madar Lal Dhingra is executed by hanging in London, Pentonville Prison, United Kingdom.

1915 (-)  Alleged child-murderer Leo Max Frank aka Max the Jew, is lynched by a mob of prominent citizens calling themselves "The Knights of Mary Fagan" at the age of 31 in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA.
He was kidnapped from a prison farm and hanged from a tree.

1929 (+)   US Spy Pilot Gary Francis “Frank” Powers is born in Jenkins, Kentucky, USA.

1933 (+)   Black Power leader Michael De Freitas aka Michael X aka Michael Abdul Malik, is born in Trinidad.

1943 (+)   Actor Robert DeNiro is born in New York, New York, USA.

1955 (-)  Artist Fernand Joseph Henri Léger dies at the age of 74 in Paris, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

1959 (+)   Leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect David Koresh originally Vernon Wayne Howell, is born in Houston, Texas, USA.

1960 (+)   Filmmaker Sean Penn is born in Santa Monica, California, USA.

1962 (-)  Bricklayer and first victim of the Berlin Wall Border Guard Peter Fechter bleeds to death after being shot at the age of 18 in Berlin, Zimmerstrasse, Germany.
He was left to die for over an hour in full view of western onlookers.

1963 (x)   122 Die in ferry shipwreck in Okinawa, Japan.

1969 (-)  Dr. Philip Blaiberg dies of a final rejection of his new heart at the age of 60 in Cape Town, South Africa.
He was the man who lived longest with a transplanted heart.

1969 (-)  Architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe dies at the age of 83 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1971 (-)  Ruben Watson is tortured and strangled by Dean Corll aka The Candyman, at the age of 19 in Houston, Texas, USA.

1973 (-)  Steven Cropper is stabbed to death by Charlie Chopoff at the age of 8 in New York, Lower East Side, New York, USA.

1977 (-)  Dr. Joseph T. Cordell is the last man known to die from bubonic plague aka The Black Death in San Jose, California, USA.

1979 (x)   156 Die in two Soviet Aeroflot airliners collision in Ukraine.

1980 (-)  Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain aka The Dingo Baby, is possibly abducted and killed by a dingo near Ayers’ Rock campground, Australia.

1985 (-)  Peter Pan is shot through the head by Richard Ramirez aka The Nightstalker, at the age of 66 in San Francisco, Lake Merced, California, USA.

1987 (-)  Nazi leader Rudolf Walter Richard Hess commits suicide by asphyxiation at the age of 93 in Berlin, Spandau Prison, Germany.
He is the last of the Nazi leaders to die.

1991 (-)  Mass murderer Wade Frankum aka The Strathfield Killer, commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 33 in Strathfield Plaza, Australia.
Before he had fatally shot 7 people.

1997 (-)  Actor Tony Wheeler dies of accidental hanging at the age of 26 in Chalkidiki, Greece.
He featured in a version of Jesus Christ Superstar, where he played the role of Judas who hangs himself after the trait of Jesus. Wheeler unfortunately played for real for an audience of over 600 people.

2003 (x)  61-year-old War Criminal Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikritieh aka Chemical Ali, is arrested in Iraq.
He had been listed as the fifth most-wanted man in Iraq, shown as the King of Spades in the deck of most-wanted Iraqi playing cards.

2006 (-)  Murderer Richard Hinojosa is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2007 (x)  53-year-old Rote Armee Fraktion 3rd Generation member Eva Sybille Haule-Frimpong is released from prison in Berlin, Neukölln, Germany.

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