Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1 August 1966 - Charles Whitman is Shot Dead

30bc (-)  Emperor Marcus Antonius commits suicide by slashing his abdomen with a sword in Alexandria, Egypt.

1714 (-)  Queen Anne Stuart dies of blood-poisoning and malignant growth of the womb at the age of 49 in London, England.
She gave birth to 17 children, of which none survived her.

1819 (+)   Writer Herman Melville is born in New York City, New York, USA.

1876 (x)  Colorado becomes the 38th of the United States in Colorado, USA.

1902 (x)   Over 100 Die in coal-mine explosion in Wollongong, Australia.

1903 (-)  Scout Martha Jane Canary-Burke aka Calamity Jane, dies of pneumonia at the age of 50 in Deadwood, Calloway Hotel, South Dakota, USA.

1907 (-)  Husband-murderess L. James is executed by hanging in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

1910 (x)   20 blacks are shot dead by a mob of 200 whites for no apparent reason in Palestine, Texas, USA.

1914 (x)   Germany declares war to Russia.

1918 (+)   Singer and Actress Zhou Xuan originally Su Pu aka Beautiful Jade, is born in China.

1930 (+)   Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is born in Denguin, France.

1936 (+)   Fashion designer Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent is born in Oran, Algeria.

1936 (+)   Serial Killer Donald Neilson originally Donald Nappey aka The Black Panther Killer, is born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

1942 (+)   Musician Jerry Jerome John Garcia aka Captain Trips from The Grateful Dead, is born in San Francisco, California, USA.

1953 (x)   120 Die in Monique shipwreck in New Caledonia.

1959 (+)   Serial Killer Angel Leoncio Reyes Maturino Reséndiz aka The Railway Killer, is born in Mexico.

1966 (-)  Mass murderer Charles Whitman aka The Man on the Tower, is shot dead by patrolman Ramiro Martinez at the age of 25 in Austin, Texas, USA.
He climbed the observation-tower of the university and started shooting at random, killing 21 people.

1970 (x)   236 Die in overcrowded M.V. Christene ferry capsizing in St. Kitts - Nevis, the Carribean Sea.

1973 (-)  East-German leader and builder of the Berlin Wall, Walter Ulbricht dies of a stroke at the age of 80 in Berlin, Germany.

1977 (-)  US Spy Pilot Gary Francis “Frank” Powers dies in a helicopter crash at the age of 47 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1981 (-)  IRA-member Kevin Lynch originally Caoimhghin O Loinsigh, dies after 71 days of hungerstriking at the age of 25 in Belfast, Maze Prison, Ireland.
He was the seventh to die in the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike.

1982 (-)  Marcia Chapman is strangled by The Green River Killer at the age of 31 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

1983 (-)  Actor Peter Arne originally Peter Arne Albrecht, is beaten to death at the age of 62 in London, United Kingdom.
Several days later the body of presumed murderer and tramp Giuseppe Perusi was found drowned in the Thames.

1987 (-)  An unidentified girl is stabbed to death by Andrej Tsjikatilo aka The Rostow Ripper, in Moscow, Domodedowo, Russia.

1990 (-)  Serial Killer Graham Frederick Young aka The St. Albans Poisoner, dies of a heart attack at the age of 42 in Parkhurst Prison, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

1997 (-)  Serial Killer and writer Norio Nagayama is executed by hanging at the age of 48 in Tokyo, Japan.
He killed 4 people in 1968, aged 19. While imprisoned, he wrote 16 books, receiving an award in 1983.

2004 (x)   Almost 400 Die in Ycua Bolanos supermarket fire in Asuncion, Paraguay.

2006 (-)  Artist Jason Rhoades dies of heart-failure at the age of 41 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
According to the Los Angeles County coroner's office his death was caused by accidental drug intoxication and heart disease.

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