Friday, March 5, 2010

5 March 2007 - Borgerhout, Belgium

Our cat Harry keeping an eye on a bunch of freshly burned DVDs in Borgerhout, Belgium.
1815 (-) Physician and inventor of Animal Magnetism Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer dies at the age of 80 in Meersburg, Baden-Württemburg, Germany.
1827 (-) Physicist Alessandro Guiseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta dies at the age of 82 in Como, Italy.
1871 (+) Founder of the Spartacist Rote Fahne Rosa Luxemburg is born in Zamosc, Poland.
1908 (+) Actor Rex Harrison originally Reginald Carey, is born in Huyton, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
1910 (+) Inventor of instant noodles Momofuku Ando is born in Kagi, Taiwan.
1912 (x) Over 500 Die in Principe de Asturias steamer shipwreck in Spain.
1922 (+) Writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini is born in Bologna, Italy.
1924 (x) George Behr has a transplantation of testicles from a Makaki monkey in the USA.
1939 (+) Actress Samantha Eggar aka Miranda, is born in London, United Kingdom.
1945 (-) Murderess Lena Baker is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 44 in Georgia, USA.
1947 (+) Serial Killer and accomplice to Henry Lee Lucas, Ottis Elwood Toole aka The Hand of Death, is born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
1953 (-) Composer Sergey Sergeyewitsch Prokofiev dies of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 61 in Moscow, Russia.
1953 (-) Statesman Josef Vissarionowitsch Dzugashvili Stalin dies of respiratory insufficiency at the age of 73 in Moscow, Russia.
1954 (+) Kidnapper and murderer Barry Lee Fairchild is born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
1957 (+) Musician, lead dinger, lyricist and frontman of The Fall Mark Edward Smith is born in Salford, United Kingdom.
1960 (+) Musician David Tibet originally David Michael Bunting, is born in Batu Gajah, Malaysia.
1966 (x) 124 Die in BOAC Flight 911 Boeing 707 crash on Mount Fuji in Honsho, Japan.
1970 (-) Patricia King is presumably strangled by Zodiac in California, USA.
1973 (x) 176 Die in Iberia DC-9 and Iberia Convair collision in Nantes, France.
1975 (x) 24-year-old Serial Killer Randy Randall Brent Woodfield aka The I-5 Killer, is arrested while trying to assault policewoman Annette Jolin in Portland, Duniway Park, Oregon, USA.
1980 (-) Organiser of the Bayreuth Festspiele Winifred Wagner originally Winifred Williams, dies at the age of 82 in Überlingen, Germany.
1982 (-) Actor John Belushi dies of a drug over-dose at the age of 33 in Los Angeles, Chateau-Marmont Hotel, Bungalow #3, Sunset Boulevard, California, USA.
1986 (x) 16-year-old Satan Worshiper and Triple Murderer Sean Sellers aka Web of Darkness, kills his 32-year-old mother Vonda and 43-year-old stepfather Paul Bellofatto in their sleep in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
2000 (-) Actress Lolo Ferrari originally Eve Valois aka The Woman with the Largest Breasts in the World, is presumably suffocated by her 59-year-old husband Eric Vigne at the age of 37 in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

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