Monday, June 27, 2022

37th year - N° 178 Monday, 27 June 2022

37th year - N° 178 Monday, 27 June 2022

27 June / Today's 18 Events:
184 years ago

Wednesday 27th of June 1838

Weapon designer Paul Mauser is born in Oberndorf am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

178 years ago

Thursday 27th of June 1844

Founder of the Latter Day Saint movement aka Mormonism Joseph Smith is shot dead by an angry mob at the age of 39 in Carthage Jail, Walnut and N. Fayette Sts., Carthage, Illinois, United States.

Smith's brother Hyrum was also shot dead. Smith attracted thousands of devoted followers before his death and millions in the century that followed.

153 years ago

Sunday 27th of June 1869

Anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman is born in Kovno, Trakai Voivodeship, Lithuania.

104 years ago

Thursday 27th of June 1918

Louis Besumer is attacked by serial killer The Axeman of New Orleans in corner of Dorgenois and Laharpe Streets, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Besumer was in bed with his mistress Harriet Lowe, who died on 5 August 1918, just two days after doctors performed surgery in an effort to repair her partially paralyzed face. Besumer was charged with murder while Lowe was in the hospital and stated that it was Besumer who had attacked her. He served nine months in prison before being acquitted on 1 May 1919 after a ten minute jury deliberation.

96 years ago

Sunday 27th of June 1926

Murderer Geza de Kaplany, originally Geza F. P. Kaplany de Kaplanyhaza aka The Acid Doctor is born in Makó, Csongrád Megye, Hungary.

As a child de Kaplany lost the sight in an eye during a beating by his father.

87 years ago

Thursday 27th of June 1935

Murderess Eva Coo, originally Eva Curry aka Madame aka The Mallet Murderess is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 46 in Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, New York, United States.

81 years ago

Friday 27th of June 1941

Film director Krzysztof Kieślowski is born in Warszawa, Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland.

81 years ago

Friday 27th of June 1941

Mafia pentito Leonardo Vitale is born in Palermo, Sicilia, Italy.

73 years ago

Monday 27th of June 1949

Spree killer and writer Norio Nagayama is born in Abashiri, Hokkaidō, Japan.

53 years ago

Friday 27th of June 1969

30-year-old Foot fetishist and serial killer Jerry Jerome Henry Brudos aka The Lust Killer pleads guilty to 3 charges of first degree murder and is sentenced to 3 consecutive life-sentences in Salem, Oregon, United States.

51 years ago

Sunday 27th of June 1971

King Dipendra of Nepal, originally Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev is born in Narayanhity Royal Palace, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal.

37 years ago

Thursday 27th of June 1985

Patty Elaine Higgins is throatcut by serial killer Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker in 665 W. Naomi, Arcadia, Los Angeles, California, United States.

36 years ago

Friday 27th of June 1986

Frederick Prentice is attacked by serial killer Kenneth Erskine aka The Stockwell Strangler in Cedars Rd, Clapham, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

Prentice was awoken by sounds of someone entering his bedroom. Prentice switched on the light and told the intruder to get out. He was then attacked and was being strangled when he freed one hand and pressed the alarm at the side of his bed. Erskine ran off.

29 years ago

Sunday 27th of June 1993

Member of the Rote Armee Fraktion Wolfgang Grams presumably shoots himself in the head during a shootout with a GSG-9-Einsatz police squad at the age of 40 in Bahnhof Bad Kleinen, Bad Kleinen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

During the shootout Grams killed officer Michael Oskar 'Shorty' Newrzella and suffered five gunshot wounds himself before falling down platform 3/4. During the operation his 36-year-old girlfriend and RAF member Birgit Hogefeld was arrested. Shortly after the operation there were allegations that Grams had not shot himself but was executed with a shot in the head from close range by a GSG 9 officer but they were upheld by five different courts.

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21 years ago He Didn't Like it Hot

Wednesday 27th of June 2001

Actor Jack John Uhler Lemmon dies of colon cancer and metastatic cancer of the bladder at the age of 76 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

17 years ago

Monday 27th of June 2005

60-year-old Serial killer Dennis Lynn Rader aka The BTK Killer pleads guilty to 10 counts of murder, giving graphic account of his 'Bind, Torture, Kill' crimes in court in Wichita, Kansas, United States.

Rader described the murders in detail and made no apologies.

16 years ago The Devil Ruled His Life

Tuesday 27th of June 2006

Serial killer Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, originally Ángel Leoncio Reyes Recendis aka The Railroad Killer is executed by lethal injection at the age of 47 in Huntsville Prison, 815 12th Street, Huntsville, Texas, United States.

6 years ago The Future Wasn't Shocked

Monday 27th of June 2016

Writer and futurist Alvin Toffler dies of natural causes at the age of 88 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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