Saturday, July 1, 2017

32nd year - N° 182 Saturday, 1 July 2017

32nd year - N° 182 Saturday, 1 July 2017

1 July / Today's 25 Events:
371 years ago

Sunday 1st of July 1646

Philosopher and polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz aka Godefroi Guillaume Leibnitz is born in Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany.

168 years ago

Sunday 1st of July 1849

40-year-old Writer Edgar Allan Poe becomes drunk and hallucinatory, and makes a suicide attempt. He is detained for public drunkenness and incarcerated for one night in Moyamensing Prison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

No records exist which support this story other than Poe's own account of it.

157 years ago

Sunday 1st of July 1860

Engineer and chemist Charles Goodyear dies of heart failure at the age of 60 in Fifth Avenue Hotel, 200 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States.

Goodyear collapsed when he heard his daughter had died.

145 years ago

Monday 1st of July 1872

Aviation pioneer Louis Charles Joseph Blériot is born in 17 Rue de l'Arbre à Poires, Cambrai, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

141 years ago

Saturday 1st of July 1876

Revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin dies of unknown causes at the age of 62 in Bern, Mittelland, Switzerland.

101 years ago She Came With the Wind

Saturday 1st of July 1916

Actress Olivia Mary de Havilland is born in Tokyo, Kantō, Japan.

96 years ago

Friday 1st of July 1921

42-year-old Serial killer Fritz Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf moves into "Das Mordhaus" in Neue Straße 8, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Haarmann killed at least four young men here between February and June 1923.

95 years ago

Saturday 1st of July 1922

Start of the trial against 59-year-old Serial killer and cannibal Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Großmann aka Die Bestie vom Schlesischen Bahnhof in Schwurgericht I, Turmstraße 91, Moabit, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

92 years ago He Kept His Letters Stored

Wednesday 1st of July 1925

Pianist and composer Erik Satie, originally Éric Alfred Leslie Satie dies of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 59 in Paris, Île-de-France, France.

After his death Satie's friends discovered an apartment replete with squalor and chaos. Among many other unsorted papers and miscellaneous items, it contained a large number of umbrellas and two grand pianos placed one on top of the other, the upper instrument used as storage for letters and parcels.

80 years ago

Thursday 1st of July 1937

Actor and film director Sydney Irwin Pollack is born in Lafayette, Indiana, United Kingdom.

79 years ago

Friday 1st of July 1938

Geologist and art vandal László Tóth is born in Pilisvörösvár, Pest, Hungary.

72 years ago

Sunday 1st of July 1945

Singer-songwriter Debbie Deborah Ann Harry aka Blondie is born in Miami, Florida, United States.

66 years ago

Sunday 1st of July 1951

Motherly widow Mary Hardy Reeser aka The Cinder Lady dies of Spontaneous Human Combustion at the age of 67 in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

Reeser's remains, which were largely ashes, were found among the remains of a chair in which she had been sitting. Only part of her left foot which was wearing a slipper and her backbone remained. Plastic household objects at a distance from the seat of the fire were softened and had lost their shapes.

59 years ago

Tuesday 1st of July 1958

Murderer Alan Jeffrey Bannister is born in Chillicothe, Illinois, United States.

58 years ago

Wednesday 1st of July 1959

34-year-old Satan worshipper and serial rapist Edward John Louis Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey marries his second wife Joan in Saint Helier, Jersey, United Kingdom.

56 years ago

Saturday 1st of July 1961

Writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine, originally Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches dies of a ruptured aneurysm at the age of 67 in Meudon, Île-de-France, France.

45 years ago

Saturday 1st of July 1972

30-year-old Serial killer John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown marries his second wife Carol Lofgren in St. Paul Lutheran Church, 5650 N Canfield Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Lofgren said she knew shortly after their marriage that her husband had sexual and behavioral problems. Gacy and Lofgren divorced in February 1976.

41 years ago

Thursday 1st of July 1976

Surrealist artist Max Ernst dies of complications from a stroke at the age of 85 in Paris, Île-de-France, France.

30 years ago

Wednesday 1st of July 1987

The body of 40-year-old Victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley aka The Moors Murderers Pauline Reade is found in a shallow grave 90cm below the surface in Hollin Brown Knoll, Saddleworth Moor, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

In March 1987 Myra Hindley made a full confession to the murders and directed police search teams to the locations of their victims' graves.

30 years ago There Was no Justice in Life

Wednesday 1st of July 1987

Musician Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger dies of a heart attack at the age of 38 in Posthof Club, Posthofstrasse 43, Linz, Oberösterreich, Austria.

On the day of his death Snakefinger's single 'There's No Justice in Life' was released.

29 years ago

Friday 1st of July 1988

45-year-old Serial killer Gary Michael Heidnik aka The Cellar of Horror Murderer is sentenced to death for two counts of murder in City Hall, Room 653, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Heidnik was incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution at Pittsburgh. In January 1989 he attempted suicide with an overdose of prescribed thorazine.

26 years ago

Monday 1st of July 1991

Serial killer Joachim Georg Kroll aka Jockel aka Der Ruhrkannibale dies of a heart attack at the age of 58 in Justizvollzugsanstalt, Aachener Straße 47, Rheinbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

18 years ago The Eyes had it

Thursday 1st of July 1999

One of my better students during a one-year teaching job in Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Fred Roeskestraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

13 years ago

Thursday 1st of July 2004

Actor and film director Marlon Brando aka The Godfather dies of respiratory failure brought on by pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 80 in UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, United States.

8 years ago

Wednesday 1st of July 2009

Actor Karl Malden, originally Mladen George Sekulovich dies of natural causes at the age of 96 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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