Monday, June 26, 2017

32nd year - N° 177 Monday, 26 June 2017

32nd year - N° 177 Monday, 26 June 2017

26 June / Today's 16 Events:
733 years ago

Monday 26th of June 1284

A Pied Piper lures 130 boys and girls out of the village in Hameln, Sachsen, Germany.

All of the children were taken to the Weser river and drowned.

404 years ago

Wednesday 26th of June 1613

Carpenter John Hitchen dies of Spontaneous Human Combustion in Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom.

Hitchen's body was dragged into the street and continued to burn for three days.

125 years ago

Sunday 26th of June 1892

Writer Pearl S. Buck, originally Pearl Sydenstricker aka Sai Zhenzhu is born in Stulting House, Seneca Trail, Hillsboro, West Virginia, United States.

119 years ago

Sunday 26th of June 1898

Aircraft designer and manufacturer Willy Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt is born in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany.

113 years ago

Sunday 26th of June 1904

Actor Peter Lorre, originally László Löwenstein is born in Rózsahegy, Tatra, Hungary.

108 years ago

Saturday 26th of June 1909

Entertainment impresario Tom Parker, originally Andreas Cornelis 'Dries' van Kuijk aka Colonel Parker known for the management of Elvis Presley is born in Breda, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

102 years ago

Saturday 26th of June 1915

Thérèse Laborde-Line is murdered by serial killer Henri Désiré Landru aka Le Barbe-Bleue de Gambais in The Lodge, 47 Rue de Mantes, Vernouillet, Île-de-France, France.

100 years ago

Tuesday 26th of June 1917

48-year-old Presumed murderess Marguerite Jeanne 'Meg' Japy Steinheil aka Lady Abinger aka Mme de Serignac known for her many love affairs with important men marries Robert Brooke Campbell Scarlett, 6th Baron Abinger in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

94 years ago

Tuesday 26th of June 1923

Murderess Barbara Graham, originally Barbara Elaine Ford aka Bloody Babs is born in Oakland, California, United States.

92 years ago

Friday 26th of June 1925

Cosmonaut Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev is born in Chelishchevo, Vologda Oblast, Russia.

86 years ago

Friday 26th of June 1931

Angry Young Writer Colin Henry Wilson is born in Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

71 years ago He Was Caught Before He Killed More

Wednesday 26th of June 1946

18-year-old Serial killer William George Heirens aka Catch Me Before I Kill More is arrested prowling in Wayne Manor Apartments, Wayne Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

A scuffle resulted that ended only when an off-duty policeman dropped three clay flowerpots on Heirens' head, one at a time from the top of the stairs, rendering him unconscious. According to Heirens, he remembered drifting into unconsciousness under questioning. At one point someone punched him in the testicles causing him to nearly vomit. They also burned them with ether. On his fifth day in custody Heirens was given a lumbar puncture without anesthesia. Moments later Heirens was driven to police headquarters for a polygraph test. They tried for a few minutes to administer the test but it was rescheduled for several days later after they found him to be in too much pain to cooperate.

61 years ago

Tuesday 26th of June 1956

The books of 59-year-old Psychoanalist and pioneer of sexual freedom Wilhelm Reich are destroyed by FDA officials in Orgonon, Rangely, Maine, United States.

54 years ago War Er ein Berliner

Wednesday 26th of June 1963

46-year-old 35th President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy aka JFK delivers his famous 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech in Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

18 years ago The Eyes had it

Saturday 26th of June 1999

Visitors at the opening of 'Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor' by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven aka AMVK in M_hka, Leuvenstraat 32, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium.

7 years ago The Eyes had it

Saturday 26th of June 2010

The taped door of a burglarised abandoned house in Borgerhout, Antwerpen, Belgium.

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