Friday, January 20, 2017

32nd year - N° 20 Friday, 20 January 2017

32nd year - N° 20 Friday, 20 January 2017

20 January / Today's 12 Events:
204 years ago He Sort of Confessed

Wednesday 20th of January 1813

Axe murderer John Schild is executed by hanging in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States.

Schild confessed in print to bestiality and incest but assessed that "he had stolen no cloth of one Hartman, neither had he given poison to Hartman, nor to one Hertz, nor killed the wife of Michael Gehret, but he must confess that he had committed some thefts."

97 years ago

Tuesday 20th of January 1920

Film director Federico Fellini is born in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

87 years ago

Monday 20th of January 1930

Astronaut Edwin Eugene Aldrin aka Buzz is born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States.

71 years ago

Sunday 20th of January 1946

Mass murderer John Linley Frazier aka The Killer Prophet is born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

71 years ago

Sunday 20th of January 1946

Film director David Keith Lynch is born in Missoula, Montana, United States.

58 years ago

Tuesday 20th of January 1959

Serial killer Joel David Rifkin aka The Long Island Ripper is born in Bronx, New York, New York, United States.

49 years ago

Saturday 20th of January 1968

35-year-old Film director Roman Polanski, originally Rajmund Roman Thierry Polański marries 25-year-old actress Sharon Tate in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

47 years ago

Tuesday 20th of January 1970

Student Robert Gerekens commits suicide by self-immolation at the age of 18 in Lycée Gaston Berger, Avenue Gaston Berger, Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

33 years ago

Friday 20th of January 1984

Competition swimmer and actor Johnny Weissmuller, originally Peter Johann Weißmüller known his role as Tarzan dies of pulmonary edema at the age of 80 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

As Weissmuller's coffin was lowered into the ground a recording of the Tarzan yell he invented was played three times at his request.

25 years ago

Monday 20th of January 1992

87 die in Air Inter Airbus A-320-111 Flight 148 crash in Barr, Bas-Rhin, France.

There were nine survivors.

12 years ago The Eyes had it

Thursday 20th of January 2005

A frame on the wall of the 'Goldene Schluessel' restaurant in Bern, Mittelland, Switzerland.

6 years ago

Thursday 20th of January 2011

52-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV performs 'Dort oder Hier / Hommage aan Bernd Lohaus' in M_hka, Leuvenstraat 32, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium.

During a memorial event for artist Bernd Lohaus I reconstructed one of his works. I blocked the doorway between the cafetaria, where the event took place, and the museum with strips of tape. Nobody could pass through without destroying the work. On the floor I wrote: "Dort (das Museum) | Hier (die Kunstler) Warum? Bernd, der Kampf geht weiter."

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