Saturday, July 5, 2014

29th year - N° 186 Saturday, 5 July 2014

29th year - N° 186 Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 July / Today's 10 Events:
121 years ago

Wednesday 5th of July 1893

Minnie R. Williams is murdered by serial killer Henry Howard Holmes aka The Torture Doctor in Holmes Castle, S. Wallace and W. 63rd Street, Englewood, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

96 years ago

Friday 5th of July 1918

Serial killer Jeanne Weber, originally Jeanne Moulinet aka l'Ogresse de la Goutte d'Or dies of nephritis at the age of 44 in Fains-Véel, Lorraine, France.

Some sources claim she strangled herself in an asylum.

94 years ago

Monday 5th of July 1920

Start of the trial against 27-year-old Serial killer Friedrich Schumann aka Der Massenmörder vom Falkenhager See in Schwurgerichtskammer des Landgerichts III, Tegeler Weg 17-21, Moabit, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

92 years ago

Wednesday 5th of July 1922

Serial killer and cannibal Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Großmann aka Die Bestie vom Schlesischen Bahnhof commits suicide by hanging with a hankerchief at the age of 59 in Königliche Untersuchungsgefängnis, Moabit, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

90 years ago

Saturday 5th of July 1924

During a search for victims of 45-year-old Serial killer Fritz Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf over 500 bones and pieces of skull are found between the Bruckmuhle and the Leinebrücke in Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany.

44 years ago

Sunday 5th of July 1970

109 die in Air Canada McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63 Flight 621 crash in Toronto International Airport, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

38 years ago

Monday 5th of July 1976

Victim of Bernardo, Paul aka The Scarborough Rapist aka The Schoolgirl Killer and Karla Homolka Leslie Erin Mahaffy is born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

37 years ago

Tuesday 5th of July 1977

Matthew Bowman is murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown in 8213 West Summerdale Avenue, Cook, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

18 years ago

Friday 5th of July 1996

The first succesfully cloned sheep Dolly is born in Roslin Institute, Easter Bush, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dolly's birth was only announced in February 1997.

11 years ago The Eyes had it

Saturday 5th of July 2003

The Club Moral in an exhibition by Hermann Nitsch in Galerie Kunst & Handel, Himmelpfortgasse 22, Wien, Wien, Austria.

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