Sunday, March 2, 2014

29th year - N° 61 Sunday, 2 March 2014

29th year - N° 61 Sunday, 2 March 2014

2 March / Today's 8 Events:
99 years ago

Tuesday 2nd of March 1915

112 die in New River & Pocahontas Consolidated Nº 3 coal mine dust explosion in New River & Pocahontas Consolidated, Layland, West Virginia, United States.

88 years ago

Tuesday 2nd of March 1926

Laura Ernestine Beale is strangled by serial killer Earle Leonard Nelson aka The Gorilla Murderer in San Jose, California, United States.

70 years ago

Thursday 2nd of March 1944

426 die in steam-hauled freight train stalling in Balvano, Basilicata, Italy.

The freight train was grossly overloaded with illegal passengers. With all the cars in the tunnel, people died of carbon monoxide poisoning when the train stalled on a steep gradient.

64 years ago

Thursday 2nd of March 1950

Musician Karen Carpenter known from The Carpenters is born in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

36 years ago

Thursday 2nd of March 1978

The coffin of 89-year-old Actor and film director Charles Spencer Chaplin is stolen from the cemetary in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.

In May 1978 24-year-old Roman Wardas from Poland and 38-year-old Gancho Ganev from Bulgaria demanded a ransom of $600.000 in return for the coffin. Oona Chaplin refused to deal with them saying "My husband is in heaven and in my heart". The thieves were arrested and the coffin was found buried in a nearby cornfield.

31 years ago

Wednesday 2nd of March 1983

John Bartlett is beaten and stabbed to death by serial killer Larry Eyler aka The Leather Boy Killer in Niles, Illinois, United States.

16 years ago

Monday 2nd of March 1998

Natascha Maria Kampusch aka The Girl in the Cellar is abducted by kidnapper Wolfgang Přiklopil in Rennbahnweg 38, Donaustadt, Wien, Wien, Austria.

He kept her in his basement for eight years.

7 years ago The Eyes had it

Friday 2nd of March 2007

Knotted underwood in a hidden park corner in Vlemincktoren, Turnhoutsebaan 381, Wijnegem, Antwerpen, Belgium.

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