Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 September 1961 - Betty and Barney Hill are Abducted by Aliens

1805 (-)  Murderer Charles Cunningham is executed by hanging at the age of 18 in York, Pennsylvania, USA.

1869 (x)  Hortense Kinck and her 5 children are strangled and beaten to death by 20-year-old Serial Killer Jean-Baptiste Troppmann in Paris, France.

1881 (-)  20th president of the USA James Abraham Garfield dies of wounds suffered in an attack by Charles Guiteau 3 months earlier at the age of 49 in New York, New York, USA.

1891 (+)   Commander of the Kriegsmarine and successor of the Führer, Karl Donitz is born in Grünau, Germany.

1902 (x)   115 Die in a stampede after a presumed church fire in Birmingham, Alaska, USA.

1909 (+)   Victim of Leopold & Loeb aka The Perfect Murderers, Bobby Franks is born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1911 (+)   Writer Sir William Gerald Golding known for “Lord of the Flies”, is born in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

1912 (+)   Nazi Doctor in Buchenwald and typhoid-expert Erwin Ding-Schuler is born in Bitterfeld, Germany.

1929 (+)   Sadist Murderess Gertrude Baniszewski aka Gertrude Wright aka Nadine van Fossan, is born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

1933 (+)   Actor David McCallum is born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

1934 (x)  34-year-old Murderer and kidnapper Bruno Richard Hauptmann aka The Lindbergh Baby Snatcher, is arrested and charged with the kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr in New York, The Bronx, 222nd Street, New York, USA.

1934 (+)   Beatles manager Brian Samuel Epstein is born in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

1941 (+)   Musician Cass ‘Mama’ Elliot originally Ellen Naomi Cohen, is born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

1947 (+)   Symbionese Liberation Army member Nancy Ling Perry aka Nancy Devote aka Lynn Ledworth aka Fahizah, is born in San Francisco, California, USA.

1948 (+)   Actor Jeremy Irons is born in Cowes, United Kingdom.

1949 (+)   Model Leslie Hornby aka Twiggy, is born in London, United Kingdom.

1961 (x)  Betty and Barney Hill are believed to be abducted for several hours by extraterrestials in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.
It was the first widely published UFO abduction case in the USA.

1976 (x)   154 Die in Turkish Airlines Boeing 727 crash in Karatepe mountains, Turkey.

1977 (x)  14-year-old Serial Killer Christine Laverne Slaughter Falling aka The Baby-Sitter, is married in Blountstown, Florida, USA.

1978 (-)  Polish priest Rolf Gunther commits suicide by self-immolation in Falkenstein’s church, Germany.

1981 (x)   Over 300 Die in Sobral Santos capsizing in the Amazone River, Brazil.

1986 (-)  Murderer John William Rook is executed by lethal injection at the age of 27 in Raleigh State Prison, North Carolina, USA.

1987 (-)  Debbie Davis is strangled by Timothy Spencer aka The Southside Strangler, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

1989 (x)   170 Die in UTA Flight 772 McDonnel Douglas DC-10 crash in the Sahara.
The crash was due to a terrorist bomb explosion by a rebel Jihad group.

1995 (-)  Murderer Carl Jr. Johnson is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

1999 (-)  Murderer William P. Davis is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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