Friday, September 14, 2012

14 September 1982 - Grace Patricia Kelly Dies

1523 (-)  218th Pope Adrianus VI originally Adriaan Lorenszoon Boeyens, dies at the age of 64 in Rome, Italy.

1715 (-)  Benedictine Monk Dom Pérignon dies at the age of 77 in Epernay, Abbey of Hautvilliers, France.

1849 (+)   Physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is born in Ryazan, Russia.

1898 (-)  Inventor of the calculating machine William Seward Burroughs I dies at the age of 43 in Citronelle, Alabama, USA.

1901 (-)  25th president of the USA William McKinley dies of coldfire due to gunshot wounds suffered in an attack by Polish anarchist Leon Czolgosz 8 days earlier at the age of 58 in Buffalo, New York, USA.

1927 (-)  Choreographer Isadora Angela Duncan aka The Mother of Modern Dance, dies in a car crash at the age of 49 in Nice, France.
Her long shawl got tangled in the wheel of the car she drove and she was strangled while driving into a collision.

1932 (-)  Assassin of the 13th President of France Paul Doumer, Paul Gorgoelov is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 37 in Paris, France.

1951 (+)   IRA-member Joe McDonnel originally Seosamh Mac Domhnaill, is born in Belfast, Ireland.

1967 (-)  War leader Marshall Abdel Hakim Amer commits suicide by poisoning at the age of 47 in Egypt.
While imprisoned he was given the choice by high-renking officials between conviction and execution for treason of honourable death by suicide.

1972 (-)  Aiko Koo is strangled and cut to pieces by Ed Kemper aka The Co-ed Killer, in San Francisco, California, USA.

1974 (-)  Gwen Burton is assaulted and raped with a hammer by Harvey Louis Carignan aka The Want-Ad Killer, at the age of 19 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

1974 (-)  Stefania Pettini is shot dead and mutilated as third and fourth victim by Pietro Pacciani aka Il Mostre, at the age of 18 in Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy.

1975 (x)  Rembrandt’s ‘Nightwatch’ is attacked by Arie Van Dijck with a knife in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands.
Van Dijck commits suicide 6 months later.

1982 (-)  President of Lebanon Bachir Pierre Gemayel dies in a bomb attack at the age of 34 in Achrafieh, Kataeb Headquarters, Lebanon.
25 other people were also killed.

1982 (-)  Actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Patricia Kelly dies in a car crash at the age of 52 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Her daughter Stephanie, who supposedly was driving the Rover P6, is injured.

1998 (x)  Start of the trial against 36-year-old Serial Killer Charles Chitat Ng in Santa Ana, California, USA.

1999 (-)  Murderer Willis Barnes is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2005 (-)  Family murderess Frances Elaine Newton is executed by lethal injection at the age of 40 in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.
She shot her 32-year-old husband Adrian, her 7-year-old son Alton and her 21-month-old daughter Farrah.

2009 (-)  Actor Patrick Wayne Swayze dies of pancreatic cancer at the age of 55 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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