Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 June 1994 - Arthur Holland Crashes

1374 (x)  Due to an outbreak of Johannestanz aka St. John's Dance aka Dancing Mania people start hallucinating, jumping and twitching uncontrollable until collapsing in Aachen, NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany.

1519 (-)  Duchess of Bisceglie, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, Princess of Salerno and Femme Fatale Lucrezia Borgia dies from complications after giving birth to her eighth child at the age of 39 in Ferrara, Italy.

1804 (+)   Priest and botanist Stephan L. Endlicher is born in Bratislava, Czechoslowakia.

1888 (+)   Furniture Designer and Architect Gerrit Thomas Rietveld is born in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

1894 (-)  Fourth President of France Sadi Marie François Carnot is stabbed to death by anarchist Santo Geronimo Caserio after delivering a speech at a public banquet at the age of 56 in Lyon, France.

1908 (-)  22nd and 24th president of the USA Grover Stephen Cleveland dies of a heart attack at the age of 71 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

1909 (+)   Engineer of the first British atomic bomb William George Penney is born in Gibraltar, United Kingdom.

1930 (+)   Filmmaker Claude Chabrol is born in Paris, France.

1935 (+)   Minimal Composer Terry Terrence Mitchell Riley is born in Colfax, California, USA.

1936 (x)  27-year-old Serial Killer and leader of the Sala Gang Sigvard Sven Emil Nilsson Thurneman aka The Doctor, is arrested at his parents' house in Stockholm, Sweden.

1941 (+)   Mass murderer Charles Whitman aka The Man on the Tower, is born in Lake Worth, Florida, USA.

1942 (+)   Psychedelic Musician Arthur Brown originally Arthur Wilton, is born in Whitby, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

1949 (+)   Rote Armee Fraktion 2nd Generation member Brigitte Margret Ida Mohnhaupt is born in Rheinberg, Germany.

1950 (+)   Photographer Bob Carlos Clarke is born in County Cork, Ireland.

1961 (-)  Millionaire George Washington Vanderbilt III commits suicide by leaping from his 10th floor suite at the age of 47 in San Francisco, Mark Hopkins Hotel, California, USA.

1975 (x)   112 Die in Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 crash in New York, Kennedy Airport, New York, USA.

1976 (x)  49-year-old Serial Killer Harvey Louis Carignan aka The Want-Ad Killer, is sentenced to life-imprisonment in Minnesota, USA.

1979 (-)  The entire Steyaert family are shot dead by Freddy Horion aka Beatle and Roland Feneuille, in Gent, St. Amandsberg, East Flanders, Belgium.

1987 (-)  Murderer Elliott Johnson is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.
It took 35 minutes to insert a catheder into his vein.

1993 (x)  Professor David Gelernter is badly injured when opening a package sent by 51-year-old Theodore Ted Kaczinski aka The UnaBomber, in New Haven, Yale University, Connecticut, USA.

1994 (-) 46-year-old B-52 Pilot Arthur Holland aka Bud, steers a B-52 Stratofortress beyond operational parameters resulting in a crash, killing all 4 crew members at the age of 46 in Washington, Fairchild Air Force Base, District Columbia, USA.
In an investigation the USAF stated that the crash was entirely attributable to Holland's personality and behaviour.

1995 (x)  53-year-old Theodore Ted Kaczinski aka The UnaBomber, mails a bomb threat to the San Francisco Chronicle in San Francisco, California, USA.

1995 (-)  Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo are abducted by Marc Dutroux at the age of 8 in Grâce-Hollogne, Liège, Belgium.
They were kept in a dungeon in his basement and died of starvation while Dutroux was in prison from later that year onwards.

2002 (x)   218 Die in passenger train collision in Dodoma, Tanzania.

2005 (x)  45-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV, performs "Le Petit Bucher de Margarete" in Brugge, Belfort, East Flanders, Belgium.

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