Friday, April 27, 2012

27 April 1992 - Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles Messiaen Dies

1521 (-)  Explorer Ferdinand Magellan is shot by a poisoned arrow and finished off with spears by local inhabitants at the age of 41 in Mactan Island, Filippines.

1605 (-)  232nd Pope Leo XI originally Alessandro Ottaviano de Medici aka Papa Lampo, dies at the age of 69 in Rome, Vatican City, Italy.

1667 (x)  The blind and impoverished Poet John Milton known for “Paradise Lost”, sells the copyright of his epic poem for ten Pounds in London, United Kingdom.

1791 (+)   Inventor Samuel Finley Breese Morse is born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA.

1822 (+)   18th president of the USA Ulysses Simpson Hiram Grant is born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, USA.

1865 (x)   1547 Die in SS Sultana steamboat paddlewheeler explosion in the Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

1891 (+)   Composer Sergey Sergeyewitsch Prokofiev is born in Sontzovka, Ukraine, Russia.

1894 (-)  Murderer Samuel Vaughan is executed by hanging at the age of 44 in Arkansas, USA.

1899 (+)   Cartoonist and creator of Woody Woodpecker Walter Lantz is born in New Rochelle, New York, USA.

1915 (-)  Composer Alexander Nikolajewitsch Scrjabin dies of septicemia, contracted as a result of a shaving cut or a boil on his lip at the age of 43 in Moscow, Russia.
His last words were "This means the end. What a catastrophe!" He claimed that he was God, and eventually acknowledged that he was inspired by Satan. Imitating Christ he was an anti-christ filled with Satan, controlled by Satan and ultimately destroyed by Satan.

1926 (x)  Mass murderess Antoinette Scieri is sentenced to life-imprisonment in Paris, France.

1927 (-)  Mary McConnel is raped and strangled by Earle Leonard Nelson aka The Gorilla Murderer, at the age of 60 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

1932 (+)   Actress Anouk Aimée is born in Paris, France.

1937 (+)   Musician, poet and artist Wannes Willy Cecile Johannes Van de Velde is born in Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium.

1943 (-)  Murderer Elisandro L. Macias is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 20 in State Prison, Florence, Arizona, USA.

1974 (x)   108 Die in Iljoeshin-18 crash in Leningrad, Russia.

1974 (x)  39-year-old Founding member of the Rote Armee Fraktion, Ulrike Marie Meinhof is transferred from Stammheim Prison to Moabit Prison for the trial considering her part in the escape of Andreas Baader in 1970 in Berlin, Germany.

1977 (x)  23-year-old Serial Killer David Richard Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, shoots Harvey, the dog of his neighbour Sam Carr in New York, Yonkers, New York, USA.

1982 (-)  Jean McPaul is strangled and stabbed to death by Mike DeBardeleben aka The Lethal Shadow, at the age of 40 in Bossier City, Louisiana, USA.

1982 (-)  Spree Killer Woo Bum-kon commits suicide by a grenade explosion at the age of 27 in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.
In two days time he killed 58 people and left 35 wounded after an argument with his girlfriend

1983 (-)  Rhoda Piazza is asphyxiated and beaten to death by Mike DeBardeleben aka The Lethal Shadow, at the age of 22 in Beaumont, Texas, USA.

1992 (-)  Composer Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles Messiaen dies of heart-failure at the age of 83 in Paris, France.
He was recovering from an operation.

1994 (-)  Serial Killer Timothy Wilson Spencer aka The Southside Strangler, is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 32 in Jarrat Prison, Virginia, USA.
He was the first man to be convicted solely through DNA-evidence.

1995 (-)  Writer Willem Frederik Hermans dies at the age of 73 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

1997 (-)  Jeffrey Trail is beaten to death with a clawhammer as first victim by Andrew Cunanan aka American Gigolo/American Psycho, at the age of 28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

1998 (-)  Mass Murderer Ronald Taylor commits suicide by jumping from a freeway overpass at the age of 46 in Los Angeles, Artesia, California, USA.
He first killed his 40-year-old wife Ruthie, 24-year-old son Rick, 29-year-old sister-in-law Mylissa Campbell, 6-year-old niece Jolissa Morales and 24-year-old family friend Tomy Kang Jung.

1998 (-)  Writer Carlos Castaneda dies of cancer of the liver at the age of 72 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1999 (x)  16-year-old Mass Murderer Lorenzo Alvarado commits suicide by a shot in the head Die in in Los Angeles, California, USA.
He first shot his father, stepmother and 4-year-old half brother to death in the family's Hyde Park apartment.

2005 (x)  The skeleton of 51-year-old Schizophrenic artist Richard Sumner is found handcuffed to a tree in Clawddnewydd, Clocaenog Forest, Wales, United Kingdom.
He had disappeared two years earlier.

2007 (-)  Murderer Kosaku Nata is executed by hanging at the age of 56 in Osaka, Japan.

2007 (-)  Murderer Yoshikatsu Oda is executed by hanging at the age of 59 in Fukuoka, Japan.

2007 (-)  Murderer Masahiro Tanaka aka Miyashita, is executed by hanging at the age of 42 in Tokyo Detention Centre, Japan.

2009 (-)  Model and actress Seung-yeon Woo commits suicide by hanging at the age of 25 in Seoul, Jamsil, South Korea.

2010 (x)  Assassin of Revolutionary Leader Malcolm X, Thomas Hagan is released from prison in Manhattan, New York, USA.

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