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15 April 1984 - Tommy Thomas Frederick Cooper Dies

1452 (+)   Artist, scientist, engineer, mathematician and polymath Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci is born in Florence, Vinci, Italy.

1721 (+)   Duke of Cumberland William Augustus aka Butcher Cumberland, is born in London, United Kingdom.

1764 (-)  Courtisane Madame De Pompadour originally Jeann-Antoinette Poisson, dies of pneumonia at the age of 42 in Paris, France.

1802 (x)  32-year-old Romantic poet William Wordsworth is inspired to write "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by a long belt of daffodils during a country walk with his sister Dorothy in Glencoyne Bay, Ullswater, Lake District, United Kingdom.

1889 (-)  Missionary Father Damiaan originally Jozef De Veuster, dies of leprosy at the age of 49 in Molokai, Hawaï.

1894 (+)   USSR-leader Nikita Sergeyewitsch Krushchev is born in Kalikovna, Ukraine, Russia.

1904 (+)   Artist Arshile Gorky originally Vostanik Manoog Adoyan, is born in Khorgom, Armenia.

1912 (x)   1503 Die in Titanic steamer shipwreck in Newfoundland.
It collided with an iceberg.

1912 (+)   Great Leader of North Korea Kim Il-sung is born in Mankeidai, Heian-nando, Japanese Korea.

1920 (x)  The Slater and Morril Shoe Company is robbed of 16.000 $, and Anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti will be arrested on vague accusations in South Braintree, Massachussets, USA.

1924 (-)  Hermann Bock is killed and his meat sold by Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, at the age of 22 in Hannover, Germany.

1925 (-)  Serial Killer Fritz Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 45 in Hannover, Celler Straße Prison, Germany.

1938 (+)   Actress Claudia Joséphine Rose Cardinale is born in Tunis, Tunisia.

1942 (-)  Writer Robert Mathias Edler von Musil known for “The Man Without Qualities”, dies of a stroke at the age of 61 in Genève, Switzerland.

1944 (-)  Murderer Fred L. Brady is executed by hanging in Lansing Prison, Kansas, USA.

1944 (-)  Murderer Clark B. Knox is executed by hanging in Lansing Prison, Kansas, USA.

1945 (x)   The concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen is liberated in Germany.

1947 (x)   Over 500 Die in Grand Camp freighter explosion in Texas City, Texas, USA.
Many people died in the subsequent fire that raged through the city.

1947 (+)   Cop Killer Misao Katagiri is born in Tokyo, Japan.

1951 (x)  Mabel Everson dies at the age of 69. On the night of the funeral, 44-year-old Serial Killer Ed Edward Theodore Gein aka Psycho, America’s Most Bizarre Murderer, robbed her grave and took parts of her body home to make his grisly artefacts in Plainfield, Wisconsin, USA.

1955 (-)  Murderer Jackson Howard is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 44 in Georgia, USA.

1957 (x)  22-year-old Serial Killer Angelo Buono aka The Hillside Strangler, marries Mary Catherine Castillo in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1957 (x)  58-year-old General Practitioner and suspected Serial Killer John Bodkin Adams is found not guilty of the two murders he was charged with in London, Old Bailey, United Kingdom.

1970 (x)  Radical Left Organisation the Weathermen members Linda Sue Evans and Dianne Donghi are arrested in New York City, New York, USA.
The FBI were informed about their whereabouts by infiltrator Larry Grathwohl.

1972 (-)  Official Irish Republican Army volunteer Joe McCann is shot dead in a confrontation with British soldiers at the age of 24 in Belfast, Joy Street in The Markets, Ireland.

1974 (x)  20-year-old Patty Patricia Campbell Hearst aka The Born-again Terrorist, takes part in a bank robbery by the Symbionese Liberation Army in San Francisco, Sunset District Hibernia Bank, 1450 Noriega Street, California, USA.

1975 (-)  Melanie Coolley is abducted and killed by Ted Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, in Nederland, Colorado, USA.

1980 (-)  Writer, philosopher and critic Jean-Paul Sartre dies of edema of the lung at the age of 74 in Paris, France.

1983 (-)  Ervin Gibson is found beaten and stabbed to death by Larry Eyler aka The Leather-Boy Killer, at the age of 16 in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA.

1984 (-)  Actor and comedian Tommy Thomas Frederick Cooper has a fatal heart-attack in the midst of a live TV-show at the age of 63 in London, Her Majesty’s Theatre, United Kingdom.

1984 (x)  Mass-Murderer Christopher Thomas kills 10 people, including 8 children, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

1986 (-)  Murderer Daniel Morris Thompson is executed by Old Sparky in Starke State Prison, Florida, USA.

1986 (-)  Writer and thief Jean Genet dies of throat cancer at the age of 75 in Paris, France.

1988 (-)  Murderer Earl Clanton is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 33 in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

1989 (x)   96 Die in soccer-riot during the game Liverpool-Nottingham Forest in Sheffield, Hillsborough Stadium, United Kingdom.

1989 (x)  28-year-old Mass-Murderer Ramon Bojorquez Salcido kills his wife and two daughters, his mother-in-law and her two daughters and his boss in a shooting-rage over a family-disagreement in Hot Springs, Boyes, California, USA.

1990 (-)  Actress Greta Garbo originally Greta Gustafsson, dies of pneumonia and renal failure at the age of 83 in New York, New York, USA.

1990 (x)   87 Die in in Uttar Pradesh, India.
They had been eating poisoned food on the occasion of an engagement-banquet

1997 (x)   Over 250 Die in encampment fire in Mekka, Camp-Mama, Saudi Arabia.

1998 (-)  Architect of the Red Khmer Communist Party Pol Pot originally Saloth Sar, dies of heart failure at the age of 69 in Anlong Veng, Cambodia.
Rumours persist that he committed suicide or that he was poisoned.

2001 (-)  Punk Rocker Joey Ramone originally Jeffry Ross Hyman, dies of lymphoma at the age of 49 in New York, Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA.

2002 (x)   128 Die in Air China Boeing 767-200 Flight CA129 crash into a mountain in Busan, South Korea.

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