Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 February 1969 - Boris Karloff originally William Henry Pratt Dies

1691 (-) 241st Pope Alexander VIII originally Pietro Ottoboni, dies at the age of 80 in Rome, Italy.
1730 (-) 245th Pope Benedictus XIII originally Pietro Francesco Orsini, dies at the age of 80 in Rome, Italy.
1740 (-) 246th Pope Clementius XII originally Lorenzo Corsini, dies at the age of 87 in Rome, Italy.
1859 (+) Sexuologist Henry Havelock Ellis is born in Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom.
1882 (+) Writer James Augustine Aloysius Joyce is born in Dublin, Ireland.
1907 (-) Scientist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev dies of influenza at the age of 73 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
1913 (+) Wife of Nazi Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach, Henriette “Henny” von Schirach originally Henriette Hoffmann, is born in München, Schwabing, Germany.
1924 (-) Willi Senger is killed and his meat sold by Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, at the age of 19 in Hannover, Germany.
1933 (-) Geneviève Lancelin is scratched, knifed and hammered to death by Lea and Christine Papin aka The Diabolical Sisters, at the age of 25 in Le Mans, France.
1946 (-) Murderer Andrew W. Dennis is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 46 in Oregon, USA.
1947 (+) Actress Farrah Leni Fawcett is born in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.
1949 (+) Serial Rapist Frederick ‘Kevin’ Coe aka The Spokane Rapist, is born in Spokane, Washington, USA.
1952 (x) 47-year-old Winnie Ruth Judd aka The Trunk Murderess, escapes for the fifth time, but is recaptured 5 days later in State Hospital, Arizona, USA.
1964 (-) Hannah Tailford is found naked and dead, choked to death by Jack the Stripper in London, United Kingdom.

1969 (-) Actor Boris Karloff originally William Henry Pratt, dies of a bad cold at the age of 81 in Midhurst, United Kingdom.
1970 (-) Philosopher Bertrand Arthur William Russel dies at the age of 97 in Penryhndeudraeth, Gwynned, United Kingdom.
1972 (x) Boatbuilder Irwin Beelitz is the first deadly victim in a Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe Rote Armee Fraktion, bomb-attack by the Movement 2nd June against a British Yachting Club in Berlin, Gatow, Germany.
1975 (x) The members of the Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe Rote Armee Fraktion, end their third hungerstrike in several prisons in Germany.
Holger Meins had already died in the course.
1979 (-) Sex Pistol Sid Vicious originally Simon John Ritchie, dies of a heroin overdose at the age of 21 in New York, New York, USA.
"We made a death pact, and I have to accomplish my part of the deal. Please bury me next to my baby. Please bury me with my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots. Goodbye. With love, Sid."
1980 (x) 20-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV, performs "B" in Antwerpen, Ruimte Z, Antwerp, Belgium.
1981 (+) 9/11 Terrorist Salem al-Hazmi is born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
1994 (-) Murderer Harold Barnard is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.
1995 (-) Actor Donald Pleasance dies of heart failure at the age of 75 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, France.
1996 (-) Actor Gene Eugene Curran Kelly dies of a stroke at the age of 83 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.
1998 (x) 104 Die in Cebu Pacific Flight 387 DC-9-32 crash into a mountain in Cagayan de Oro, the Philippines.

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