Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 February 2002 - Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef Dies

1851 (-) Writer Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley dies of a brain tumour at the age of 53 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.
1872 (+) Mass murderer Andrew Kehoe is born in Tecumseh, Michigan, USA.
1874 (+) Writer Hugo Laurenz August Hofmann von Hofmannsthal is born in Vienna, Austria.
1895 (+) Filmmaker John Ford is born in Cape Elisabeth, Maine, USA.
1901 (+) Actor Clark William Gable is born in Cadiz, Ohio, USA.
1908 (x) King Carlos I and his son Prince Luis are shot dead by revolutionary republicans Alfredo Costa and Manual Buiça in Lissabon, Portugal.
The assassins were shot by the King's bodyguards.
1922 (-) William Taylor is shot dead by Charlotte Minter at the age of 45 in Hollywood, California, USA.
1929 (-) Murderer Tom Dreher is executed by hanging in Louisiana, USA.
1929 (-) Murderess Ada Lebout is executed by hanging in Louisiana, USA.
1931 (+) First President of the Russian Federation Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin is born in Sverdlovsk, Russia.
1933 (+) Notorious call-girl Rosemarie Nitribitt is born in Mendig, Rheinland, Germany.
1935 (-) Double murderer Kenneth Neu aka ‘Fit as a Fiddle and Ready to Hang’, is executed by hanging at the age of 25 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
1937 (+) Musician Don Donald Isaac Everly is born in Brownie, Kentucky, USA.
1939 (+) musician Claude François aka Clo-Clo, is born in Ismaïlia, Egypt.
1944 (-) Artist Piet Mondriaan dies of pneumonia at the age of 71 in New York, New York, USA.
1945 (x) Over 100 Die in train collision in Cazadero, Mexico.
1959 (-) August Horry is shot dead by Penny Bjorkland in San Francisco hills, California, USA.
"Just to see if I could do it and not worry about it."
1963 (x) 95 Die in Viscount and Air Force plane collision in Ankara, Turkey.
1966 (-) Actor and filmmaker Buster Joseph Francis Keaton dies of lung cancer at the age of 70 in Woodland Hills, California, USA.
1967 (x) Serial Killer Lucian Staniak aka The Red Spider of Katowice, is arrested in Katowice, Poland.
1968 (+) Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley is born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
1974 (x) 188 Die in 25-story Joelma Bank building fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1974 (x) 44-year-old The Great Train Robber Ronald “Ronnie” Arthur Biggs is arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1974 (-) Brenda Merchant is presumably stabbed to death by Zodiac in Marysville, California, USA.
1974 (-) Lynda Healy is bludgeoned to death by Ted Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, at the age of 21 in Seattle, Washington, USA.
1978 (x) 44-year-old Filmmaker Roman Polanski originally Raymond Roman Liebling, skips bail and flees the country after pleading guilty to charges of engaging in sex with a 13-year-old in California, USA.
1979 (x) 24-year-old Patty Patricia Campbell Hearst aka The Born-again Terrorist, is released from prison in California, USA.
1981 (-) Airplane designer Donald Wills Douglas dies at the age of 88 in Palm Springs, California, USA.
His ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.
1984 (-) Willi Fleischer is his skull crushed in by Kurt Steinwegs at the age of 42 in Suechteln, Germany.
1985 (-) Industrial Ernst Zimmerman is shot dead by Rote Armee Fraktion at the age of 55 in München, Germany.
The assassination was carried out in the name of Patsy O'Hara.
1991 (x) 45-year-old Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers aka The Genesee River Killer, is sentenced to 10 consecutive terms of 25 years to life in Rochester, New York, USA.
1994 (x) Over 100 Die in ferry collison with trailer in Yangtse River, China.

2002 (-) Actress and musician Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef dies of cancer at the age of 76 in Berlin, Germany.
2004 (x) 35-year-old Serial Killer Yang Xinhai is sentenced to death for the murder of at least 67 people in the past 3 years in Hehan, China.
The trial lasted less than an hour.
2007 (-) Filmmaker Carlo Ponti dies of pulmonary edema at the age of 94 in Geneve, Switzerland.
2008 (-) Murderer Masahiko Matsubara is executed by hanging at the age of 63 in Osaka, Japan.
2008 (-) Murderer Takashi Mochida is executed by hanging at the age of 65 in Tokyo Detention Centre, Japan.
2008 (-) Murderer Keishi Nago is executed by hanging at the age of 37 in Fukuoka, Japan.
2010 (x) 119 Die in Iran Air Tupolev Tu-154 crash in Khorramabad Airport, Iran.

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