Sunday, February 14, 2010

14 February 2004 - Singapore

An undefined ceremonial recipient at a Chinese event on a piece of wasteland near Newton Circus in Singapore.
1572 (+) Composer Hans Haiden is born in Germany.
1779 (-) Explorer Captain James Cook is stabbed and beaten to death by natives at the age of 50 in Hawaï.
Some of his flesh was cut and roasted from the bones.
1859 (x) Oregon becomes the 33rd of the United States in the USA.
1912 (x) Arizona becomes the 48th of the United States in the USA.
1913 (+) Union-leader Jimmy Hoffa is born in Brazil, Indiana, USA.
1929 (x) Gangsters Adam Meyer, Frank Foster, John May, Frank Clark, Al Weinshank and Frank Gusenberg are shot dead in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, arranged by 30-year-old Gangster Al Capone in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1945 (-) Farmer Charles Watson is accused of witchcraft and ritually murdered by driving a pitfork into his chest and a sickle through his throat by persons unknown at the age of 74 in Meon Hill, Lower Quinton, United Kingdom.
1947 (+) Musician Tim Buckley is born in Washington, District Columbia, USA.
1950 (x) 25-year-old Serial Rapist Ted Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, marries his first wife, Joan Davies in Wales, United Kingdom.
1950 (-) Radio engineer and discoverer of cosmic radio sources Karl Jansky dies at the age of 44 in Oklahoma, USA.
1957 (-) Murderer Winfred Moore is executed by hanging in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA.
1957 (-) Murderer Thomas Edwards is executed by hanging in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA.
1960 (x) Serial Rapist Ted Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, assaults an unidentified 12-year-old schoolboy in Grands Vaux, Jersey.
1967 (x) Over 150 graves are destroyed by an unidentified maniac who roams Belgian, German and Dutch cemetaries in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
1969 (-) Mafia Leader Vito Genovese aka Don Vito, dies of a heart attack at the age of 71 in Springfield, United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Missouri, USA.
1972 (x) 112 Die in Caravelle crash in Dubai, India.
The plane collided with a mountain.
1974 (-) Writer Pelham ‘Plum’ Grenville Wodehouse dies of a heart-attack at the age of 92 in New York, New York, USA.
1974 (-) Isabella Griffiths is stabbed to death by Patrick Mackay aka Franklin Bollvolt the First, at the age of 84 in Chelsea, 19 Cheyne Walk, United Kingdom.
1977 (-) Multiple murderer and self-styled Nazi Fred Cowan commits suicide by a shot through the head in New Rochelle, New York, USA.
1979 (x) Melvin Reynolds confesses to the abduction and murder of Eric Christgen and is sentenced to life-imprisonment, although the murder was committed by 49-year-old Serial Killer Charles Ray Hatcher aka Evil Incarnate, in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
1981 (-) Julie Reitz is shot dead by Randy Woodfield aka The I-5 Killer, at the age of 17 in Beaverton, Cherryhill Drive, Oregon, USA.
1986 (-) Sadist murderer Marc Fasquel is shot dead by the police at the age of 37 in Montbequi, France.
1989 (x) 41-year-old Writer Salman Rushdie is condemned to death by Ayatollah Khomeiny for his ‘Satanical Verses’ blasphemy in Teheran, Iran.
1990 (x) 92 Die in Indian Airlines Flight 605 Airbus A-320 crash in Bangalore Airport, India.
1994 (-) Serial Killer Andrej Tsjikatilo aka The Rostow Ripper, is executed by the Firing Squad at the age of 57 in Rostow, Russia.
1996 (x) The Long March 3 rocket is launched in Xichang, Sichuan, China.
The rocket flies off course 3 seconds after liftoff and crashes into a rural village.
1997 (x) Serial Killer Ilshyat Kuzikov is arrested on suspicion of killing three of his vodka drinking buddies and eating their internal organs in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The confessed cannibal said he killed his first victim in 1992 after inviting him to his flat for a nightcap. After sating his appetite Kuzikov dismembered his friends and put them in a garbage dump.
1997 (x) 52-year-old Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj aka Bad Blood, is granted bail after spending two decades behind bars in New Delhi, India.
Desperately trying to avoid extradition to Thailand, he said he would not leave jail until he received his identity papers from the French embassy.
2003 (-) The first succesfully cloned sheep Dolly dies of progressive lung disease at the age of 6 in Edinburgh, Roslin Institute, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Her stuffed remains are at the National Museum.
2004 (-) Serial Killer Yang Xinhai is executed by hanging at the age of 35 in Hehan, China.

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