Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 march 2002 - Brussels, Belgium

Scouting the underground of Brussels Central Station for a possible art project that never happened, nice place though.

1790 (+) 10th president of the USA John Tyler is born in Greenway, Charles City County, Virginia, USA.
1901 (-) Family-murderer Franz Wallert is executed by hanging in Gaylord, Minnesota, USA.
1912 (-) Explorer Robert Scott is lost in a snowstorm in Antarctica.
1917 (-) Murderer Leo O’Donnel is executed by hanging in Winchester Prison, United Kingdom.
1922 (+) Victim of John Reginald Christie, of 10 Rillington Place, Ruth Fuerst is born in Vienna, Austria.
1934 (+) Mass-murderer James Ruppert is born in Ohio, USA.
1939 (+) Actor Terence Hill originally Mario Girotti, is born.
1939 (+) Actor James Caan is born in New York, New York, USA.
1954 (+) Karen Ann Quinlan aka The Coma Girl, is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.
1961 (-) Murderer Jack Day is executed by hanging at the age of 31 in Bedford, United Kingdom.
1963 (-) Carola Hannwacker is shot dead by Klaus Gosmann aka Der Mittagsmörder, in Nürnberg, Germany.
Her son Helmut is also shot in the same event.
1973 (x) The last US-soldier, Max Bielke leaves the battlefield in Vietnam.
1974 (x) Start of the trial against 47-year-old Serial Killer Zdzislaw Marchwicki aka The Wampir, who is accused of strangling 15 and attacking 6 women in Katowice, Poland.
1975 (-) Keith Crotwell is poisoned and mutilated by Randy Kraft aka The Freeway Killer, at the age of 19 in Long Beach Marina, California, USA.
1978 (x) Serial Killer Angelo Buono aka The Hillside Strangler, marries 21-year-old Tai-Fun Fanny Leung in Los Angeles, California, USA.
1983 (-) Jacqueline Croiset is attacked by Philippe Pacque aka The Werewolf of Amiens, at the age of 20 in Amiens, France.
She survived.
1984 (-) Sheryl Bonaventura is abducted, tortured and murdered by Christopher Wilder aka The Beauty Queen Killer, at the age of 18 in Grand Junction, Mesa Mall, USA.
1985 (-) Dominican nun and musician Jeanine Deckers aka Sœur Sourire aka The Singing Nun, commits suicide by a depression after being harrassed for years by the Belgian tax-services at the age of 51 in Belgium.
She committed suicide together with her friend Annie Pechler.
1990 (-) Montenesdro is attacked by N.Y. Zodiac Murderer in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
1997 (-) Murderer Joseph O’Dell is executed by lethal injection in Jarrat Prison, Virginia, USA.
Hours before his execution he marries law-student Lori Urs. After his death his body is shipped to Palermo, Italy where he is buried as a local hero, presumed innocent.

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