Monday, March 26, 2007

26 march 2004 - Gent, Belgium

Pascal Gielen eagerly signing a copy of his book "Een Omgeving voor Actuele Kunst" for Kris Motmans. I was a stakeholder and proof reader for this book and named another blog of mine after it.

1904 (-) Robber and Murderer George Collins is executed by hanging in St. Louis, Illinois, USA.
His neck doesn’t break and he’s slowly strangled to death before the eyes of the appalled executioner and jurors.
1904 (x) 5 Blacks are lynched for no apparent reason in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.
1905 (-) Germaine Weber is strangled by Jeanne Weber at the age of 1 in Paris, France.
1911 (+) Writer Tennessee Williams is born in Columbus, Missouri, USA.
1913 (-) Murderer Henry Clark is executed by hanging at the age of 46 in Agra, India.
1916 (-) Andrew Turner is killed by Robert Stroud aka The Birdman of Alcatraz, in Leavenworth Prison, USA.
1918 (-) Wachtmeester Emile Verfaille is executed by the Guillotine in Belgium.
1925 (+) Composer Pierre Boulez is born in Montbrison, France.
1931 (+) Actor Leonard Nimoy aka Mr. Spock, is born in Boston, Massachussets, USA.
1943 (+) Sole survivor of the Richard Speck-massacre in Chicago, Corazon Amurao is born in Durangao, Batangas, the Filippines.
1944 (+) Musician Diana Ross is born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
1944 (-) Black Minister Isaac Simmons is lynched in Missouri, USA.
All his bones are broken, his tongue is cut out and he’s shot dead because he had oil-deposits under his farm.
1953 (x) 84 die and 31 are mutilated in an attack by the Terrorist Movement Mau-Mau in Kikuya, Lari, Rift Valley, Kenya.
1957 (-) Filmmaker Max Ophuls originally Maximilian Oppenheimer, dies at the age of 55.
1959 (-) Writer Raymond Chandler dies at the age of 70 in La Jolla, California, USA.
1959 (-) Karin Walde is raped and beaten to death by Heinrich Pommerencke at the age of 18 in Hornberg, Germany.
1965 (x) 19-year-old Serial Killer Michel Bellen aka The Strangler of the Left Bank, is sentenced to death in Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium.
1980 (-) Literary critic Roland Barthes dies at the age of 64 in Paris, France.
1997 (x) Police find the bodies of 39 members of the Higher Source sect, who have comitted suicide by an overdose of phenobarbital and wodka in San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA.
1999 (x) Serial Killer Fernando Hernandez Leyva aka Pancho Villa, is arrested on charges of kidnapping and assault. in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
Once in custody, he confessed to killing more than 100 people.
1999 (-) Murderer James Rich is executed by lethal injection at the age of 26 in Raleigh State Prison, North Carolina, USA.

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