Thursday, February 15, 2007

15 february 2004 - Singapore

A procession of chinese men carrying a dopesmoking magician along Bukit Timah Road in Singapore. The preparation of this activity had been going along for several days. First a complex of wooden floors and tents had been built, with various kinds of altars, stages and lots of tables. It continued with the burning of a huge stack of paper one day all day long. The procession lasted only for about half an hour as the magician was carried around the block.

1564 (+) Scientist Galileo Galilei is born in Italy.
1909 (x) Over 250 Die in Flores Theatre fire in Acapulco, Mexico.
1933 (-) Anton Cermak is shot dead by Joseph Zangara in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Zangara actually tried to kill the 32nd president of the USA, Franklin Roosevelt.
1939 (+) Serial Killer Robert Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter, is born in Esterville, Coleman Hospital, Iowa, USA.
1942 (x) Capitulation of Singapore in WWII, 138.000 British and Australian soldiers are taken as prisoners of war by the Japanese Army in Singapore.
1954 (-) Annie Hamann is poisoned by Christa Lehmann aka the Mass Poisoner of Worms, in Worms, Germany.
In view of the events, the German radio warns the public for the danger of buying poisoned sweets.
1960 (-) Murderer Fernat Bournani kills 2 cops and is lynched by the public at the age of 28 in Paris, rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, France.
1961 (x) 73 Die in Sabena Boeing 707 crash in Berg, Brabant, Belgium.
Among the victims was the entire US figure-skating association.
1963 (-) Murderer Robert Griffin is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 44 in Ohio, USA.
1965 (-) Musician Nat ‘King’ Cole dies of lung cancer at the age of 50 in the USA.
1966 (-) Revolutionary priest Camillo Torres is shot dead by a military patrol in El Carmen, Colombia.
1970 (x) 102 Die in DC-9 crash in the Carribean Sea.
1974 (x) Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn is banned from the USSR in Moscow, Russia.
1974 (-) Donald Skepper is shot dead by Donald Neilson aka The Black Panther Killer, in Lancashire, United Kingdom.
1978 (x) Serial Killer Ted Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, is arrested ‘trying to evade a police-officer’ in Pensacola, Florida, USA.
1983 (x) Serial Killer John Gacy aka The Killer Clown, is stabbed in the upper left arm and back by fellow inmate and multiple murderer Henry Brisbon in Menard Correctional Centre, Illinois, USA.
1984 (-) Leamon Hunt is shot dead by Red Brigades in Rome, Italy.

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