Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 february 2007 - Antwerpen, Belgium

A fallen tree in Rivierenhof park in Antwerpen, Belgium.

1866 (x) Outlaw Jesse James hits his first bank, the Commercial Bank of Liberty in Missouri, USA.
1883 (-) Composer Richard Wagner dies of heart-failure at the age of 70 in Venice, Italy.
1891 (-) Frances Coles is presumably murdered by Jack the Ripper in London, United Kingdom.
1903 (+) Writer Georges Simenon is born in Liège, Liège, Belgium.
1906 (+) Victim of Fritz Haarmann, Der Hannover Werwolf, Richard Gräf is born in Hannover, Germany.
1906 (-) Double murderer William Williams is executed by hanging in the United Kingdom.
1914 (-) Criminologist Alphonse Bertillon dies in Paris, France.
1933 (+) Actress Kim Novak is born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1934 (+) Actor George Segal is born in Great Neck, New York, USA.
1937 (x) 658 Die in theatre fire in Antung, China.
1938 (+) Actor Oliver Reed is born in London, United Kingdom.
1945 (x) Over 35.000 Die in the 4.000-tonnes RAF bombing in Dresden, Germany.
1960 (x) 25-year-old Vampire Florencio Fernandez is arrested in Monteros, Argentina.
1960 (x) 23-year-old Horst Otto confesses to the murder of Manuela Knodt, who was actually killed by Joachim Kroll, The Ruhr Hunter in Essen, NordRhein-Westfalen, Germany.
Otto will nevertheless be tried, found guilty and spend 8 years in jail.
1960 (x) First French Atomic Bomb test in the Sahara.
1964 (-) Nazi-Doctor Werner Heyde commits suicide by hanging in his prison cell at the age of 62 in Germany.
He was the leader of the T-4 programme, to extinct all the mentally deranged.
1973 (-) Fred Perez aka Freddie Bell, is shot dead by Herbert Mullin at the age of 73 in Santa Cruz, California, USA.
Mullin was arrested minutes later.
1981 (-) Eta-member José Arregui is tortured to death in prison at the age of 30 in Madrid, Spain.

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