Saturday, January 11, 2014

29th year - N° 11 Saturday, 11 January 2014

29th year - N° 11 Saturday, 11 January 2014

11 January / Today's 6 Events:

142 years ago
Thursday 11th of January 1872

Serial killer George Joseph Smith aka The Brides in the Bath Murderer is born in Bethnal Green, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

79 years ago
Friday 11th of January 1935

38-year-old Aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo from Hawaï to California in Oakland, California, United States.

78 years ago
Saturday 11th of January 1936

Artist Eva Hesse is born in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

70 years ago
Tuesday 11th of January 1944

Victim of Albert Desalvo aka The Boston Strangler Mary Ann Sullivan is born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

64 years ago
Wednesday 11th of January 1950

Start of the trial against 26-year-old Timothy John Evans aka The Innocent Strangler of 10 Rillington Place who was charged with the murder of his wife Beryl and baby daughter Geraldine, who were actually killed by John Christie, in Old Bailey Criminal Court, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

35 years ago
Thursday 11th of January 1979

20-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV performs 'Installation - 1' in Koninklijke Akademie voor Schone Kunsten, Berouw, Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

During a party I made an installation at the entrance with wooden walls and a wooden floor. I lay under the floor, supporting the wood with my body. My head and chest were visible through a window in the floor. Before I had inflicted wounds on my head and chest. After 3 hours I stopped because some spectators were reacting too aggressive.

Concept and design © 1985-2014 Danny Devos

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