Monday, May 7, 2012

7 May 1946 - Anton Mussert is Executed

1824 (x)  Premiere of 53-year-old Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven 's Ninth Symphony in Wien, Austria.

1833 (+)   Composer Johannes Brahms is born in Hamburg, Germany.

1840 (+)   Composer Peter Ilyitsch Tchaikowsky is born in Wotkinsk, Wjatka, Russia.

1840 (-)  Artist Caspar David Friedrich dies of a stroke at the age of 65 in Dresden, Germany.

1882 (+)   Writer Willem Elsschot originally Alfons-Jozef De Ridder, is born in Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium.

1896 (-)  America’s first Serial Killer Herman Webster Mudgett aka The Torture Doctor, is executed by hanging at the age of 36 in Philadelphia, Moyamensing Prison, Pennsylvania, USA.
He was also known as Henry Howard Holmes, D.T. Pratt, Harry Henry Gordon, Edward Hatch, J.A. Judson, Alexander Cook, A.C. Hayes, George Howell, G.D. Hale or Mr. Hall.

1901 (+)   Actor Gary Cooper originally Frank Cooper, is born in Helena, Montana, USA.

1906 (-)  Founder of the Bride of Christ Church Edmund Franz Creffield aka Joshua II aka The Mad Prophet, is assassinated by his brother in law, George Mitchell at the age of 35 in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

1914 (-)  Black Charley Jones is lynched for stealing a pair of cheap shoes in Grovetown, Missouri, USA.

1915 (x)   1198 Die in RMS Lusitania Liner shipwreck in Ireland.
It was shot by a German SM U-20 U-Boot.

1919 (+)   Activist Eva Maria Duarte Peron aka Evita, is born in Los Toldos, Argentina.

1925 (-)  Writer and revolutionary terrorist Boris Viktorovich Savinkov commits suicide by jumping out of a window at the age of 46 in Moscow, Lubyanka prison, Russia.
According to modern publications he was killed by OGPU officers.

1932 (-)  13th President of the Third Republic and 14th President of France Paul Doumer is shot dead by Paul Gorgoelov at the age of 75 in Paris, France.
Gorgoelov was a self-proclaimed Russian Fascist.

1942 (x)  An unidentified male headless body is fished out of the Seine and presumed to be the first victim of 45-year-old Serial Killer Marcel André Henri Felix Petiot aka The Triangular Chamber of Death Murderer, in St. Louen, France.

1942 (+)   Rote Armee Fraktion 2nd Generation member Sigurd Debus is born in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

1946 (-)  Leader of the Dutch Fascist Nationaal Socialistische Beweging Anton Mussert aka Führer of the Netherlands People, is executed by the Firing Squad at the age of 52 in Den Haag, Waalsdorpervlakte, the Netherlands.

1948 (+)   Manson Family-member Susan Denise Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz, is born in San Gabriel, California, USA.

1964 (-)  Mass murderer Francisco Paula Gonzales commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 27 in San Ramon, California, USA.
He shot both the pilot and the co-pilot of a Pacific Air Lines Flight 773 Fairchild F-27A in the head making the plane crash with another 40 passengers on board.

1967 (+)   Mass murderer Martin John Bryant is born in Lenah Valley, Tasmania, Australia.

1968 (+)   Pornographic actress, writer and singer Traci Elizabeth Lords originally Nora Louise Kuzma, is born in Steubenville, Ohio, USA.

1972 (-)  Jack Blake is abducted and killed by Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers aka The Genesee River Killer, at the age of 10 in Watertown, New York, USA.

1972 (-)  Anita Luchessa is shot dead and cut to pieces by Ed Kemper aka The Co-ed Killer, at the age of 18 in Berkeley, California, USA.

1974 (x)  28-year-old Performance artist Chris Burden performs "Velvet Water" at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1979 (-)  Aristocrat and patient of Sigmund Freud, Sergei Konstantonowitch Pankejev aka Der Wolfsmann, dies at the age of 92 in Russia.

1981 (x)  20-year-old Mass Murderer Lawrence Moore bursts into the Oregon Museum Tavern and opens fire, he shoots 23 people of whom 4 fatally, in Keizer, Oregon, USA.

1982 (x)  52-year-old Serial Killer Charles Ray Hatcher aka Evil Incarnate, is discharged from the Mental Health Institute in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, USA.

1984 (-)  David Block is beaten and stabbed to death by Larry Eyler aka The Leather-Boy Killer, at the age of 22 in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA.

1991 (-)  Laurence Guillaume is raped, tortured and strangled by Francis Heaulme aka The Emmaus Murderer, at the age of 15 in Metz, France.

1992 (-)  Murderer Justin Lee May is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

1997 (-)  Murderer Terry Washington is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2001 (x)  71-year-old The Great Train Robber Ronald “Ronnie” Arthur Biggs returns voluntarily to Britain after being on the run for 25 years in Brazil.
Since then he was in prison until 2009.

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