Thursday, March 29, 2012

29 March 1985 - Jeanine Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers aka Sœur Sourire aka The Singing Nun Commits Suicide

1683 (-) Arsonist Yaoya Oshichi is executed by burning at the stake at the age of 16 in Suzugamori, Japan.
She had hoped to meet Ikuta Shōnosuke, a boy she fell in love with, again by starting a fire.

1790 (+) 10th president of the USA John Tyler is born in Greenway, Charles City County, Virginia, USA.

1889 (x) 28-year-old Murderer William Kemmler aka John Hurt, kills his wife Tilly Ziegler with a hatchet in New York, USA.
He was sentenced to death and will be the first man to be executed by use of the electric chair.

1891 (-) Artist Georges Seurat dies of meningitis at the age of 31 in Paris, France.

1901 (-) Family-murderer Franz Theodore Wallert is executed by hanging in Gaylord, Minnesota, USA.

1912 (-) Explorer Robert Falcon Scott is lost in a snowstorm at the age of 43 in Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

1917 (-) Murderer Leo O’Donnel is executed by hanging in Winchester Prison, United Kingdom.

1922 (+) Victim of John Reginald Christie of 10 Rillington Place, Ruth Marguerite Christine Fuerst is born in Vienna, Austria.

1934 (+) Mass-murderer James Urban Ruppert is born in Ohio, USA.

1939 (+) Actor Terence Hill is born in Venice, Italy.

1939 (+) Actor James Caan is born in New York, New York, USA.

1944 (+) Singer, songwriter and environmentalist Terry Jacks known for “Seasons in the Sun”, is born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

1949 (+) Murderer John Arthur Spenkelink is born in Le Mars, Iowa, USA.

1951 (x) 32-year-old American Communists and Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are convicted to death for conspiracy to commit espionage in New York, New York, USA.

1954 (+) Karen Ann Quinlan aka The Coma Girl, is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.

1959 (+) Mentally deranged murderer Charles Laverne Singleton is born in Arkansas, USA.

1961 (-) Murderer Jack Day is executed by hanging at the age of 31 in Bedford, United Kingdom.

1963 (-) Carola Hannwacker is shot dead by Klaus Gosmann aka Der Mittagsmörder, in Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany.
Her son Helmut is also shot in the same event.

1973 (x) The last US-soldier, Max Bielke leaves the battlefield in Vietnam.

1974 (x) Start of the trial against 46-year-old Serial Killer Zdzislaw Marchwicki aka The Wampir, who is accused of strangling 15 and attacking 6 women in Katowice, Poland.

1975 (-) Keith Crotwell is poisoned and mutilated by Randy Kraft aka The Freeway Killer, at the age of 19 in Long Beach Marina, California, USA.

1978 (x) 43-year-old Serial Killer Angelo Buono aka The Hillside Strangler, marries 21-year-old Tai-Fun Fanny Leung in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1982 (-) Composer Carl Orff dies at the age of 86 in München, Germany.

1983 (-) Jacqueline Croiset is attacked by Philippe Pacque aka The Werewolf of Amiens, at the age of 20 in Amiens, France.
She survived.

1984 (-) Sheryl Bonaventura is abducted, tortured and murdered by Christopher Wilder aka The Beauty Queen Killer, at the age of 18 in Grand Junction, Mesa Mall, USA.

1985 (-) Dominican nun and musician Jeanine Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers aka Sœur Sourire aka The Singing Nun, commits suicide by a depression after being harassed for years by the Belgian tax-services at the age of 51 in Belgium.
She committed suicide together with her friend Annie Pechler.

1990 (-) Montenesdro is attacked by N.Y. Zodiac Murderer in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

1994 (x) 34-year-old Performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV, performs "Wurger's Droom" in Antwerpen, Linkeroever, Antwerp, Belgium.

1997 (-) Murderer Joseph O’Dell is executed by lethal injection in Jarrat Prison, Virginia, USA.
Hours before his execution he marries law-student Lori Urs. After his death his body is shipped to Palermo, Italy where he is buried as a local hero, presumed innocent.

2003 (-) Physician Carlo Urbani known for first identifying Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome aka SARS, dies of SARS at the age of 46 in Bangkok, Thailand.

2006 (-) Murderer Kevin Kincy is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2006 (-) Serial Killer and Necrophiliac Jerry Jerome Henry Brudos aka The Lust Killer, dies of liver cancer at the age of 67 in Salem Prison, Oregon, USA.

2007 (-) Murderer Roy Pippin is executed by lethal injection in Texas, USA.

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