Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 April 2008 - Borgerhout, Belgium

Getting photographed as 'Jan Carl Voske' for a performance in Borgerhout, Belgium.
1585 (-) 226th Pope Gregorius XIII originally Ugo Buoncompagni, dies at the age of 83 in Rome, Italy.
1829 (+) Founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth is born in Sneinton, United Kingdom.
1847 (+) Publisher Joseph Pulitzer originally József Politzer, is born in Makó, Hungary.
1911 (+) Musician Martin Denny is born in New York, New York, USA.
1917 (x) 125 Die in munitions-plant explosion in Chester, USA.
1919 (-) Revolutionary Leader Emiliano Zapata Salazar is shot dead by Colonel Jesus Guajardo at the age of 39 in Cuatla Morelos, Mexico.
1929 (+) Actor Max Von Sydow is born in Lund, Sweden.
1932 (+) Actor Omar Sharif originally Michael Shalhoub, is born in Alexandria, Egypt.
1935 (x) 42-year-old Nazi-leader Hermann Göring marries Emma Sonnenheim in Berlin, Germany.
30.000 soldiers lined the streets as they drove through the city.
1935 (+) Private First Class and child rapist John Arthur Bennett is born in Virginia, USA.
1941 (+) Writer Paul Edward Theroux is born in Medford, Massachussets, USA.
1954 (-) Film pioneer Auguste Marie Louis Nicholas Lumière dies at the age of 91 in Lyon, France.
1959 (-) Murderer Leonard Shockley is executed by Old Sparky in Maryland, USA.
1962 (-) Musician Stuart ‘Stu’ Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe aka The Fifth Beatle, dies of cerebral paralysis, after bleeding in the right ventricle of his brain at the age of 21 in Hamburg, Germany.
1963 (x) 129 Die in US Tresher submarine shipwreck in the North Atlantic.
1966 (-) Writer Evelyn Arthur St. John Waugh dies at the age of 62 in Combe Florey, United Kingdom.
1966 (-) King of the Gypsies Christian Johannes Modeste dies at the age of 51.
1966 (-) Mary Pierce is murdered by Richard Speck aka Born to Raise Hell, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1972 (-) Fiat-Director Oberdan Sallustro is assassinated by the Revolutionary People’s Army at the age of 56 in Argentina.
1973 (x) 104 Shopping housewives Die in British Vanguard turboprop crash in Basel, Switzerland.
1977 (x) 23-year-old Serial Killer David Richard Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, mails a threatening letter to his neighbour Sam Carr to shut up his dog Harvey in New York, Yonkers, New York, USA.
1979 (-) Composer Nino Rinaldi Rota dies at the age of 67 in Rome, Italy.
1980 (-) Steven Wood is sodomised, beaten and strangled by William Bonin aka The Freeway Killer, at the age of 16 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
1984 (-) Dawnette Wilt is abducted, sexually assaulted and tortured by Christopher Wilder aka The Beauty Queen Killer, at the age of 16 in Merrilville, Southlake Shopping Mall, Indiana, USA.
After 3 days she is found alive.
1991 (x) Die in Moby Prince ferry fire due to collision with the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo in Livorno, Italy.
1997 (-) Lillian Philippe is beaten and stabbed to death as third victim by Daniel Blank at the age of 71 in Gonzales, Texas, USA.
2002 (-) Murderer Jose Sr. Santellan is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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