Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 January 2000 - Bangkok, Thailand

The Wai Kru before a Muay Thai fight at Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.
1896 (+) Filmmaker Dziga Vertov is born in Bialystok, Grodno, Poland.
1915 (-) Automobile manufacterer Armand Peugeot dies at the age of 65 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France.
1920 (+) SF-writer Isaac Asimov originally Isaac Yudovich Ozimov, is born in Petrovichi, Belarus, Russia.
1937 (-) Actor Ross Alexander originally Ross Smith, commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 29 in Encino, California, USA.
He used the same gun with which his wife killed herself when she found out about his homosexuality two years before.
1938 (+) Serial Killer Ian Brady aka The Moors Murderer, is born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
1942 (-) Joachim Guschinow is killed by Marcel Petiot aka The Triangular Chamber of Death Murderer, in Paris, France.
1951 (x) 22-year-old Mass Murderer Billy Cook shoots 3-year-old Pamela Sue, 5-year-old Gary Carl, 7-year-old Ronald Dean, 29-year-old Thelma and 33-year-old Carl Mosser in Joplin, Missouri, USA.
They drove around at gunpoint for 2 days in the midwest.
1952 (+) Musician Patrick Miller aka Minimal Man, is born in Glendale, California, USA.
1953 (-) Kathleen Maloney is strangled and raped by John Reginald Christie of 10 Rillington Place, at the age of 25 in London, United Kingdom.
1954 (x) During Italyís first television-transmission 77-year-old 260th Pope Pius XII originally Eugenio Maria Pacelli, warns the Italian families for the dangers of television in family-life in Rome, Vatican City, Italy.
1955 (-) President of Panama José Remún Cantera is murdered at a race track by an unknown revolutionary commando at the age of 46 in Panama City, Panama.
1960 (-) Cycling legend Fausto Coppi aka Il Campionissimo, dies of malaria at the age of 40 in Tortona, Italy.
1968 (x) 58-year-old Dr. Philip Blaiberg becomes the second man to have a heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa.
He lived nineteen months with it.
1971 (-) Fashion designer Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel dies at the age of 87 in Paris, France.
1971 (x) 66 Die in soccer tribune crash during the game Rangers-Celtic in Glasgow, Ibrox Park, United Kingdom.
1972 (-) An unidentified boy is stabbed to death by John Gacy aka The Killer Clown, in Des Plaines, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
He was picked up at the Greyhound terminal.
1979 (x) Start of the trial against 28-year-old Serial Killer Richard Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento, in Santa Clara County, California, USA.
1981 (x) 34-year-old Serial Killer Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, is arrested with prostitute Olivia Reivers in Sheffieldís Red Light District, Melbourne Avenue, United Kingdom.
1992 (-) Maryann Holloman is strangled and cut to pieces by Joel Rifkin in Westbury, New York, USA.

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