Monday, December 31, 2007

31 december 1999 - Bangkok, Thailand

A young actor in a street theater in Chinatown, Bangkok.

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335 (-) 33rd Pope Sylvester I dies in Rome, Italy.
1378 (+) 209th Pope Callixtus III originally Alfons de Borja, is born in Valencia, Xativa, Spain.
1514 (+) Anatomist Andreas Vesalius is born in Brussels, Brabant, Belgium.
1748 (+) Feminist Olympe de Gouges originally Marie Gouze, is born in Montauban, Tarn-et-Garonne, France.
1869 (+) Artist Henri Matisse is born in Bohin-en-Vermandois, France.
1877 (-) Artist Gustave Courbet dies at the age of 58 in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.
1898 (-) Serial Killer Joseph Vacher aka L’Eventreur du Sud-Est, is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 29 in Bourg-en-Bresse, Ain, France.
1908 (+) Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal is born in Buczacz, Ukraïne, Russia.
1922 (x) The Goetheaneum, built by 61-year-old Philosopher Rudolf Steiner aka The Father of Anthroposophy, is destroyed by fire in Dornach, Switzerland.
1937 (+) Actor Anthony Hopkins aka Hannibal Lecter, is born in Wales, United Kingdom.
1943 (+) Musician John Denver originally Henry John Deutschendorf, is born in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.
1943 (+) Actor Ben Kingsley originally Krishna Banji, is born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
1948 (+) Musician Donna Summer originally LaDonna Gaines, is born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
1959 (+) Actor Val Kilmer is born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
1962 (-) Patricia Bisette is raped and strangled as eighth victim by Albert DeSalvo aka The Boston Strangler, at the age of 24 in Boston Back Bay, 515 Park Drive, Massachussets, USA.
1966 (-) Tuula Hoeoek is battered to death by Ted Paisnel aka The Beast of Jersey, at the age of 21 in St. Clement, Jersey.
1967 (-) An unidentified woman is raped and robbed by Gustaaf Van Eyken aka De Vampier van Muizen, in Bonheiden, Kasteel van Zellaar, Antwerp, Belgium.
1976 (x) 82 Die in Libyan airliner crash in Saudi Arabia.
1980 (-) Philosopher Herbert Marshall McLuhan dies at the age of 69 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
1982 (-) Toshimitsu Ozawa is attacked by Dennis Nilsen aka Killing For Company, in London, United Kingdom.
He survived.
1984 (x) 37-year-old Revenger Bernard Goetz aka The Subway Vigilante, turns himself in for the shooting of four robbers in a subway train 10 days earlier in Concord, New Hampshire, USA.
1985 (-) Musician Eric Nelson aka Ricky Nelson, dies in a plane crash at the age of 45 in De Kalb, Texas, USA.
1986 (x) 96 Die in Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1993 (-) President Zviad Gamsachoerdia commits suicide by a shot through the head in Georgia.


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