Monday, November 26, 2007

26 november 2007 - Antwerpen, Belgium

On this day, from 16.00 till 18.00hrs (CET), DDV did a program on Radio Centraal in the "Wolkenbreiers" series of Leo Reynders.
The program will be based on the entries for that day of the "Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-) Calendar", which is the basis for this blog.
The program will feature exclusive audio clips, music, and spoken word from and about Bruno Hauptmann's innocence, Sallie Ellen Ionesco's "ice pick" transorbital lobotomy, Howard Carter, Jean-Louis Pisuisse"s protest songs, John Holmes and Linda Lovelace, Nutbush cover versions, Heinrich Himmler, The Rolling Stones and many more....

Radio Centraal is transmitted on 106,7 FM in Antwerpen. Recently it also available as a "WebStream" on
(Use VLCplayer on Mac OSX, Realplayer on Linux or Winamp on Windows to listen to the program on your computer via the Internet.)

1899 (+) Murderer and kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann aka The Lindbergh Baby Snatcher, is born in Kamenz, Germany.
1909 (+) Writer Eugene Ionesco is born in Slatina, Romania.
1922 (x) 48-year-old Archeologist Howard Carter becomes the first man to enter into the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt.
1924 (+) Artist George Segal is born in New York, New York, USA.
1925 (-) King Vajiravudh of Siam Rama VI originally Phra Mongkutklao, dies at the age of 44 in Bangkok, Thailand.
1926 (-) Inventor and designer John Browning dies of heart failure at the age of 71 in Herstal, Belgium.
1927 (-) Holland’s most famous comedian Jean-Louis Pisuisse and his wife Jenny Gilliams shot dead by Tjakko Kuiper in Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein, the Netherlands.
Kuiper was Gilliams' rejected lover, he shot himself through the head after the act.
1932 (+) Serial Killer John Wayne Glover aka The North Shore Granny Killer, is born in Midlands, United Kingdom.
1933 (x) Kidnapper and murderer Thomas Thurmond and his accomplice John Maurice Holmes are lynched by a raging mob in San Jose, outside Santa Clara County jail, California, USA.
Governor James ‘Sunny Jim’ Rolfe applauded while watching the spectacle.
1939 (+) Musician Tina Turner originally Annie Mae Bullock, is born within the city limits of Nutbush, Tennessee, USA.
1940 (-) Murderer W. Cooper is executed by hanging.
1944 (x) 44-year-old Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler orders the destruction of all crematoria in the concentration-camps in Berlin, Germany.
1950 (-) Writer Hedwig Courths-Mahler originally Ernestine Friederike Elisabeth Mahler, dies at the age of 83 in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany.
1973 (-) Serial Killer Albert DeSalvo aka The Boston Strangler, is stabbed through the heart by an unidentified inmate at the age of 42 in Walpole State Prison, Massachussets, USA.
1976 (-) Donna Demasi is attacked by David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, in New York, New York, USA.
1983 (-) Ilke Rutsch is stabbed to death by Michael Wolpert aka The Strong Sex Drive, at the age of 21 in Babenhausen, Germany.
1984 (x) Seventh bomb attack by the Terrorist Movement CCC on the telecommunication systems of a military airfield in Bierset, Namur, Belgium.
1986 (-) Josefina Riveira is abducted and chained down by Gary Heidnik aka The Cellar of Horror Murderer, in Philadelphia, 3520 North Marshall Street, Pennsylvania, USA.
She survived.
2004 (-) Writer Arthur Hailey dies of natural causes at the age of 84 in Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas.

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