Saturday, May 26, 2007

26 may 2003 - Antwerpen, Belgium

With Mauro during the recording of the Club Moral CD "User Handbook".

1828 (x) Caspar Hauser aka The Wild Child, is found on a market square in Nürnberg, Germany.
1883 (+) Serial Killer Peter Kürten aka The Düsseldorfer Monster, is born in Mulheim-am-Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
1884 (-) Husband murderess Mary Lefley is executed by hanging at the age of 44 in Lincoln, United Kingdom.
She had to be dragged to the gallows screaming 'murder, murder!' and struggling with the warders.
1886 (+) Singer Al Jolson originally Asa Yoelson aka The World’s Greatest Entertainer, is born in Seredzius, Lithuania.
1899 (+) War-criminal and art-collector Pieter Menten is born in Rotterdam, Holland.
1907 (+) Actor John Wayne originally Marion Michael Morrison, is born in Winterset, Iowa, USA.
1913 (+) Actor Peter Cushing is born in Kenley, Surrey, United Kingdom.
1916 (x) Serial Killer Carl Panzram aka A Journal of Murder, sets fire to the State Penitentiary’s flax mill and workshops in Oregon, USA.
1922 (x) Bolsjevist leader Vladimir Ilyitsch Lenin is hit by a stroke in Moscow, Russia.
1924 (-) Fritz Wittig is killed and his meat sold by Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, at the age of 18 in Hannover, Germany.
1926 (+) Musician Miles Davis is born in Alton, Illinois, USA.
1938 (-) Murderer Robert Hoolhouse is executed by hanging at the age of 21 in Durham Gaol, United Kingdom.
1946 (-) Serial Killer Marcel Petiot aka The Triangular Chamber of Death Murderer, is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 49 in Paris, Prison de la Santé, France.
1954 (x) 103 Die in US Bennington aircraftcarrier explosion.
1957 (+) Serial Killer Mary Bell aka Child of Hell, is born in Gateshead, United Kingdom.
1976 (-) Philosopher Martin Heidegger dies at the age of 86 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
1983 (x) The Public Health Service announces AIDS to be the number 1 public health menace in the USA.
1984 (-) Michelle Simms is abducted, raped and strangled by Bobby Long aka Bound To Die, at the age of 22 in Tampa, Florida, USA.
1991 (x) 223 Die in Lauda-Air Boeing 767 crash in Thailand.
1991 (-) Konerak Sinthasomphone is drugged, strangled and dismembered by Jeffrey Dahmer aka The Milwaukee Cannibal, at the age of 14 in Milwaukee, 924 25th North Street, Oxford Apartments, Room 213, Wisconsin, USA.
2003 (-) Falungong member Li Rongxian is tortured to death at the age of 44 in Jiutai Forced Labour Camp, Jilin, China.
He also suffered of advanced stages of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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